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Just Doing Me Day October 26, 2010

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Sometimes, you need to just take a day for yourself; do you.  That was my day today.  *singing* Nails done, hair done, everything did.  I’m fancy, huh! 

I’ve been buying a lot of accessories lately.  Chandelier earrings are at the top of the list, so I have been wearing my hair in a simple ponytail, to showcase the earrings.  I have just really been in a big, gawdy, bling, bling,  mood this fall.  I am feeling the sequins, pearls, stones, flowers, gold, etc. and ForLove21 satisfies my craving for assorted baubles.  My daughter introduced me to the Forever21 accessory store and I LOVEEEE (pronounced lovey)!!!!!!!  I make it my business to shop the thrift stores and resale shops for cute accessories, also. 

Now. *sigh* I am kicking myself, because I didn”t get these cute star-shaped stud earrings today at the *wait for it* ………………………beauty supply.  You can find some of the cutest crap, I mean accessories, at the beauty supply.  If you have sensitive skin or you are looking for costume jewelry to pass on to the granddaughters, this ain’t the place to shop.  However, if you are looking for some trendy, just need this for tonight and the office holiday party in 3 weeks accessories, try your local beauty supply store. 

I’m going to post a few pictures of some recent purchases, but let me say, I have not got the hang of this posting pics thing yet.  Be patient with me (smiling sweetly, fluttering eyelashes) .

Silver Chandelier Earrings

Silver Chandelier Earrings-ForLove21

Large Pearl and Diamond Costume Ring-ForLove21

Large Pearl and Diamond Costume Ring-ForLove21

Large Crystal Chandelier Earrings

Large Crystal Chandelier Earrings-ForLove21

Lovebird Earrings

Lovebird Earrings-Thrift Shop


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