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:^( OOTD November 11, 2010

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Did you notice the sad face next to OOTD in the title of this post?  It’s there because, this is an Outfit of the Day, that I think is really cute, but the pictures just don’t do it justice.

My favorite color is black, and in the fall and winter,  I wear black almost everyday.  I like this outfit, mainly because of the boots.  I got these boots from Alloy, which honestly is a site for teens and young adults.  I found Alloy a few years ago, because I was looking  for some cute, trendy apparel for my daughter.  When I found it online, I noticed they carried extended sizes and lengths.  It was love at first sight.

Anywhoo, these boots are the first shoes I have ever ordered from Alloy and I was a little hesitant, because being a store geared towards the tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings, I new they had a tendency to run small in apparel.  They kept sending catalogues and coupons, emailing special offers, until finally I could take it no more.  I had to order these boots (Along with a really cute blouse.  Welllllll………don’t judge me! It was the only way I could use the coupon.).

I got the boots in a size 10, my true shoe size, but I had the “run small” concern.  They fit great, looked good on, and……….*wait for it*…………….are really comfortable.  I was pleasantly surprised at how comfy they were.  I wore these all day at work and all evening, the day the pictures were taken.

Now, back to the photos.  I was not satisfied with the setting, lighting, my hair, nothing, but this was a rush job for me and my photographer (shout out to Gayle).  It was just………..*sigh*…… one of those days. *shrug*     Here they are, my OOTD pics for 11/09/10.  Tell me what you think.

Style&Co Cardigan-Macy's, Black Tank-Dots, Levi's Jeggings-Macy's, Bamboo Boots-Alloy

I Love the design on the cardigan!













Aren't these cute!!!!


Ignore the radiator!


8 Responses to “:^( OOTD”

  1. Ivory George Says:

    I like those boots and that jacket

  2. patricia thomas Says:

    the boots are hot and i love the sweater. tell gayle i said hi and to emai me.

  3. Debra Lewis Says:

    I likee!
    By the bye, where is the like button?

  4. love them boots girl awesome love your OOTD

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