In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

DEO VOLENTE ALBUM *God willing list* November 12, 2010

Many bloggers, especially fashion and lifestyle bloggers, have their top 10 lists, top 5 lists, favorite things list, or a to-do list. Who am I to thumb my nose at tradition?  So, today I am debuting my weekly (bi-weekly, monthly, as the mood strikes me) list of things I adore.  The Deo Volente Album (Latin-Deo=God, Volente=willing, Album=list), is a list of fashion and beauty items, I have come across and am hoping to acquire.

I get a lot of catalogs, magazines, department store sales circulars, and email alerts, so my eyegate is bombarded with new and dazzling items to purchase on a daily basis.

Some things, I look at and say, “Love it, but unless my parents win the lottery (*pious look* I don’t play the evil lottery) and break me off a huge chunk of money, I won’t be getting this anytime soon.”  Somethings, I look at and say “Cute, but I ain’t pressed.”  Other things I see *cue the angelic harps and the bright, shining light from above*, I look heavenward and say, “God willing, I will get this within the next three paychecks.”

I pray the item does not sell out, I pray I get a coupon or discount code, I pray for a super-sale,  and/or I pray that the utility company will discover I have overpaid for several years and send me a rebate check (hasn’t happened yet, but………you never know).

Here we go.


#1  The Isabelle Beaded Blouse from Alloy.  I love this blouse, and if and when I get it, I will wear the stank out of it!


ALLOY Blouse

#2  I love Gap Premium Collection pants.  I have two pairs in black; the Modern Boot and the Perfect Trouser.  The Perfect Trouser is my fave of the two and I have decided I must have a pair in grey.


GAP Premium Perfect Trousers in Grey

#3  The ALDO Donilan wedge.  I need a pair of brown wedges to wear with some of the boot cut jeans I have in my closet.  Wedges give me the height and the stability I need as a big, tall girl.


ALDO Donilan Wedge in Cognac

#4  The ALDO Curly wedge.  I have decided I can wear this shoe in the winter with opaque tights and skirts, leggings, jeggings, jeans, or pants.  I just adore this shoe.  There, I said it!  I adore it!


ALDO Curly Wedge

#5  Last, but not least, the Mica Shoulder Pad Blazer from Simply Be.  This should really be at the top of the list, because it sold out once before and I was ……….well, let’s just say I was disappointed.  I don’t care what anybody thinks, I love shoulder pads.  These are a little exaggerated, but I could see this jacket with my ASOS Tutu skirt or some black jean jeggings.


SimplyBe Mica Shoulder Pad Blazer


Ok people, tell me what you think.


9 Responses to “DEO VOLENTE ALBUM *God willing list*”

  1. patricia thomas Says:

    for you it’s all good. for me yes, yes, to 1,3,5.

  2. sylvia laverne waller polk Says:

    Hi cuz! I love the blouse it’s sooo very lady like and flirty,I also like the(I’m going to call them trousers) I’m not very much into shoes at all ,but I do like wedge heeled shoes. I absolutely love the blazer Ithink that it would look good on on me,because I’m round shouldered and the padding would help that . looking forward to the next fashion statement.

  3. Ivory George Says:

    I love shoes”hint the bag that I carry” so of course I am loving the brown wedge heels and the black ones… The blouse also cute to…

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE The Pad Blazer! would probably wear it with an amazing pencil skirt… hmmm, this will def go into my list of must haves!

  5. Debra Lewis Says:

    Okay Tracey, all of your pick shoes look like something from a
    frankenstein movie. I HATE, maybe that is a little strong, I mean I
    strongly dislike them. And Tracey, shoulder pads?…really? Come on back
    with your really cool earth clothes. We love you.
    Your fan, your mom

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