In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

Turkey Day Post November 26, 2010

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I didn’t dress up for Thanksgiving.  I don’t know that a lot of people do.  I dressed very simply.  Michael Kors sweater, Levi’s jeggings, See by Chloe bag and my favorite Ugg boots (they are so comfy, it’s sick). What did you wear for Thanksgiving?  Did you dress up?  Did you wear one of those sweaters with  turkeys, pilgrims, or pumpkins on it?  LOL!  Tell me what you wore in the comment section.  TTYL!


2 Responses to “Turkey Day Post”

  1. sylvia laverne waller polk Says:

    Hi Tracy! no I didn’t dress for dinner , stayed in my robe and pajamas all day long didn’t even cook for Thanksgiving,but Carita cooked up a storm and had everyone over to eat.maybe next year we can start a new tradition and dress for been going through some things that had me pretty down , but I know this too shall pass. By the way ,the look you are sporting looks very comfortable indeed.

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