In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

SIMPLY………. January 23, 2011

Coat-INC@Macy's, Blouse-Lauren Ralph Lauren, Pencil Skirt-Ashley Stewart, Purse-Juicy Couture, Pumps-Jessica Simpson, Stockings-Berkshire @Ashley Stewart, Jewelry-Combination of ForLove 21 and Juicy Couture

Today was my first day back at my church, since my return from Miami.  I wore something black, comfortable and I think……simply chic.  *side note* The latest edition of People StyleWatch says, pearls, pearls, and more pearls are so last season, but I beg to differ!

Here are my OOTD pics for Sunday, January 23, 2011.  You will notice some of the photos are cropped. My hair was on the ziggity boom, so……………you know how it is. LOL!  TTYL!

Chesty LaRue! LOL! LOL! LOL!



One of these days, I will learn how to pose.


7 Responses to “SIMPLY……….”

  1. Daisy Says:


  2. Daisy Says:


  3. Love it, especially the ruffly blouse! Please email me, I have something I want to ask you but I can’t find your email address. Thanks.

  4. Randall Says:

    that photo in front of the window is your best yet.

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