In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

Sometimes……….. January 26, 2011

OOTD Charter Club Poet Blouse-Macy's, Levi's Drk Rinse Jeggings-Macy's, Unlisted OverTheKnee (Except on me. I have big calves) Boots-Macy's, Jessica Simpson Collection Ring-Macy's

Sometimes, I will wake up in the morning and have NO idea what I am going to wear to work because I am not that thrilled about going to work.  I just know, I need to have on clothes (unlike some of the parents who come up to the school.  Wearing p.j.’s anywhere but in the house or maybe to get the mail and take out the garbage is trife and I wish that trend would die a horrible death! My rant for the week.).  I need to  look like I put some time and effort into my morning ablutions. Today was one of those days.

Sometimes, I love certain items so much, that I will find any reason to wear them and MAKE myself believe that the item(s) will make a fine addition to the day’s outfit.  I wore two such items today; my boots and my ring.

Sometimes, even though I hated the idea of going to work when I awakened, I get to work and chit-chat (i.e. grouse and complain) with co-workers, give out hugs to the little ones, chastise one of the bigger ones, and linger for hours after work laughing about the events of the day.  That was my day, today.

To that end, this is what I wore today. The jean jeggings are easy and comfortable; the top is easy, comfortable, and……………colorful (you know I usually wear black); the boots are CUTE and comfortable.  Strangely, I didn’t wear earrings today, but I love the ring I wore.  The girls are just a couple of my fave little ones (*sista girl look* Favor ain’t fair! *shrug*).  Anywhoo,  I hope your day was great and I will TTYL!

Love these boots! I got them for $39.


I watched this blouse for weeks. I liked the style, but wasn't crazy about the material. It went down to such a ridiculous price I had to get it, in three different colors.



I love this ring! It's from the Jessica Simpson Collection at Macy's. (You know I just realized everything I had on today was from Macy's.)

Two of my favorite little students. Aren't they cute? They are both honor roll students, with 4.0 g.p.a.'s


10 Responses to “Sometimes………..”

  1. MJ Says:

    I totally feel you when it comes to getting dressed for work. You can only imagine my grumbles as I stand in front of my closet! LOL. That ring is fab! I’m digging the boots too!

  2. patricia thomas Says:

    i love your pics and the ring is fab. can i ordered it online?

  3. lol at the little kids!!! hahahaha, o and i like this post.

  4. Do you want to help me pick out my dress for graduation? Yes? 🙂

  5. Gussied Up Says:

    I have NEVER understood how people can leave the house in their PJ’s!!!! C;mon…it doesn’t take long to change into something somewhat presentable! haha..I am totally with you on the rant!

    • gen321 Says:

      Girl, bye!!! Ikr! I had to get my son in check, because he wanted to go to the store in his pajama bottoms. No way, Jose! It is a trend I want to bludgeon to death! LOL!

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