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STAYCATION HAUL! YAY!!!!! February 25, 2011


That is the sound of a woman who has enjoyed a whole week off from work.  I have needed this break since my last real break, in the summer of 2010.  No trip, but I did plenty of shopping. This was a good time to shop, because many sites were offering 50% off already reduced prices.  I took advantage of every deal, I could reasonably afford. 

I started with Ashley Stewart‘s 25%  sale last weekend.  I picked up one regular priced item and one clearance item.  Here is a pic of the cute khaki, moto style jacket I got from Ashley Stewart’s .

Ashley Stewarts Asymetrical Zip Blazer-Cute! Looks good on!

After Ashley Stewart, Roamans had the unmitigated gaul to send me a notice that they were giving me a % off and free shipping.  Here are some pics of what I got from Roamans site.

Roamans La Redoute Sculptered Dress-Didn't get the dress in gray, but in Fuschia. I haven't tried on yet, but I have high hopes! *grin*


Roamans Charcoal Blanket Sweater-Looking forward to wearing this with leggings/jeggings in the spring!


I then moved on to Bag, Borrow, and Steal. This is the sister site of Avelle.  Avelle rents designer handbags, but BBOS sells new and pre-owned designer bags.  Well, I get their emails and came across this Juicy Couture handbag for a nice price (I had a discount code, too. *cha-ching*)

Bag, Borrow, and Steal Juicy Couture China C Leather Handbag-It is not as purple as the photo and I am grateful. The patina on it is so retro and chic! I love it and started carrying it today.

I was not finished! Oh, no! I had to get some shoes. *sistah girl look*  I got some leopard print pumps from DOTS and these cute shoes from DSW Warehouse.

DSW Kelis Pump-How cute are these?!

Lastly, I hit one of my favorite sites, Alloy.  They had a great clearance sale and I missed out on some things by one day, but I did pick up some cute pieces. 

Alloy Giovanna Puff Sleeve Dress-Haven't decided if I will wear with belt or not.

Alloy Gabriella Dolman-Cute on and blousy. Can't wait to wear!


Alloy-Chinese Laundry Midnight Skinny Jean/Cute, but a little low rise and loose in the waist. I will need a belt.


Whew! Just writing about this stuff has tuckered me out.  I only have the weekend and then back to the saltmine.  Let me get off of this computer and into my bed with some ice water and a bag of Better Made chips. TTYL!


7 Responses to “STAYCATION HAUL! YAY!!!!!”

  1. Daisy Says:

    love love love these fashions

  2. Ms. J Says:

    I need your kind of job. “Reasonably Afford”!! You rock girl

  3. patricia thomas Says:

    some of those pieces i think i’ll get for myself especially the bag. thanks for the shopping trip.

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