In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

*SIGH* March 14, 2011

Keepin a smile on my face. I try to never let em' see me sweat!


I am having one of those days, weeks, months.  I don’t know people. *smh* I just don’t know.  I started to title this OOTD post, Tsunami, but out of respect for the people of Japan and respect for the enormity of the tragedy in Japan, I backed off of that title.

I feel like my life right now is a disaster zone.  Nothing but debris and brokenness. 

What helps me to keep perspective, is the disaster in Japan.  While I may be going through some emotional hurts and other things right now, there are people across the world from me, who are in a real disaster zone. 

Anywhoo.  I took some pics today of my outfit.  This outfit made me feel better, cause I think I look cute.  Putting on makeup and a nice outfit always makes me feel great.  The top is one of those blousy tops, with lace inserts, that makes me think of Tijuana and arts and crafts stalls in small villages.  The jeans are what I have come to expect from Alloy; super cute and just the right length for heels.  My boots from BCBG Generation are clog style.  I have never been a big fan of clogs, but when I saw these boots at Macy’s, I had to have them.  I had planned to wear the boots exclusively with jeggings, but that was just short-sighted on my part.  They are comfy to walk in and perfect for boot cut jeans.

Well………this has not been the most cheery of posts, but I had to put it out there (and I wanted to show off my outfit).  i’m goin through y’all, so I need praying people to pray for me.  Non-praying people………………………just tell me I look cute. Compliments always make me feel better. *shrug*  I will talk to y’all later!

Top and Jeans-Alloy, Boots-BCBG Generation @Macy's


BCBG Clog Boots. Super cute and comfortable!


21 Responses to “*SIGH*”

  1. Katie Says:

    You and Daisy are so good at putting outfits together!!

  2. patricia thomas Says:

    gen321 you look like you are having the time of your life. you look beautiful. baby don’t you know God is able. be assured that everything “is” alright. keep looking up, stay focused and know that i love you special lady!!

  3. Sheri Says:

    Did ya hafta put us on blast??? Sheesh!!!! You look cute, Gurl!! *per Wendy Williams*

  4. Mia Says:

    hey girl! i know what you mean…a good outfit and some make-up always make me feel better too!! i love those boots, you take great pics!

  5. I’m praying and you….look cute! I’m here if you need me, ALWAYS!

  6. Love that top! Lace just adds the perfect feminine touch to any outfit. And I totally agree, makeup and a cute outfit always feels great. 🙂

  7. Love this! I love wearing pretty tops with great fitting jeans 🙂 I’m sorry things aren’t so great in your life right now, but I hope they turn upwards soon!

  8. Love this look and the shoes are HOT! whatever you may be facing you don’t look like what you’re going through keep grinding!

  9. Sorry you are having a rough time. The only way I know to get out of a funk is to talk to God. He has the answers to whatever you need.

  10. Randy Says:

    Absolutely ADORE you, and not just because you are my sister. I get down sometimes too. I believe it runs in our family, or is that too much info? Delete this comment then. LOL. Anyway, you are a gorgeous person. Not just in fashion, but in spirit. I’m one of those “praying” people, so (as always) you are in my prayers.

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