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Grey’s/Gray’s Anatomy March 29, 2011

  I am doing a twofer today.  I have pics of an outfit I wore on this past Sunday and the outfit I wore today.  I have just been lovin’ grey/gray (am I the only person who gets confused about which spelling of grey/gray to use? *shrug*)!  I have picked up so many grey/gray pieces lately, it’s ridiculous.  I am kinda leaning towards grey/gray and taupe/blush/nudes, as my colors for spring/summer (I’ve  got alot of backslashes in this post. What’s up with that? LOL!).

Anywhoo.  I recently purchased a super-cute, leather jacket from Roaman’s and I love it!  I wore it Sunday, just because.  Today, I wore more grey/gray.  I am on a shopping punishment for the month of March, but I could not pass up these Levi skinny jeans.  They are fab and I LOVE them.  They are fast, becoming my go-to jeans for the season. 

I love grey/gray!

I have many, many plans for them (picture royal blue suede pumps and a coral top. *sista girl look* I’m just sayin’.). 

 So here are my pics from Sunday and today.  Tell me what you think.  Are you feelin’ grey/gray, like I am?  Let me know.  TTYL!

Grey/Gray Leather Jacket-Roaman's, Rose Blouse-Ashley Stewart, Pencil Skirt-Ashley Stewart, Fishnets-Ashley Stewart, BCBG Peeptoe Pumps-Burlington Coat Factory

Levi's Skinny Jeans-Macy's, Waterfall Cardigan-Alloy, Merona Black Tank-Target, Wedge Booties-Nine West, Chandelier Earrings-ForLove21


12 Responses to “Grey’s/Gray’s Anatomy”

  1. QueenDiva Says:

    I like it… super cute… especially that Sunday outfit…

  2. I really like the ruffled pink top with the structure skirt and jacket. Looks great! I love the all gray outfit too, especially the skinny jeans with the long, cascading cardigan.

    • gen321 Says:

      Thank you! I love that blouse, too. The Levi’s skinnies are my best friends, I just wish they came in cobalt blue or coral red. *sigh*

  3. MJ Says:

    The grey cardigan is super cute!!

    I like the color grey but I can’t help but add some kind of color to it! I have issues with just rocking all neutrals! LOL

  4. ssh…runs in and snatches the grey jacket off Tracy’s back! Runs out and goes to God in prayer for stealing her friend’s jacket. Love the jacket and the entire look.

  5. Tanica Says:

    Your church ensemble is really cute. I forgot I had some panty hose like that. I must pull them out!!!

    As I Grew Older

  6. Juanette Says:

    Hi Gen321, I wanted to email you but I couldn’t find it on your page. Can you send it to me please?

  7. Randy Says:

    the outfit with the pink blouse is one of my favorite outfits you ever posted. I’m not saying that lightly.

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