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Me love color long time! April 15, 2011

Hey y’all! It has been so long since I did a post!  I am excited about spring/summer and have just been enjoying the warmer temps.  Anywhoo, I have mentioned in previous posts, that I want to add more color to my wardrobe.  I tend to stick to black and black is my favcrite color, but I was really intrigued by the pops of color I was seeing all over the place.  I decided to pick up colorful pieces, where I could, and try out a different look.

Coral Top-Dots, Grey Jeggings-Levi's@Macy's, Blue Suede Pumps-Steve Madden@Macy's

Now the outfit above, is one I wore to work on yesterday.   

The shoes got a little dusty when I walked thru the staff parking lot, but they are still super cute and I got a lot of compliments on them.

I got the shoes about a month ago, while shopping with a friend at Macy’s.  I saw them on another young lady in the shoe dept. and begged her to buy those shoes for herself, because they were gorgeous on her.  I thought about it and said to myself, “Step out of the box and see if they have the shoes in your size!”  You see the result.  The coral top, similar story. Standing in line at Dots, the woman in front of me had the top in her hand and I asked her if it was plus size (she was kind of in-between. She could go XL or 1X *shrug*).  She said, “Yes” and pointed me to the back of the store where they were hanging.  I grabbed my cute wedges I was picking up (the one and only 11 in the store) and hustled to the back to find my size.  The rest is history.

So……….this is my attempt at A) adding color to my life and B) doing a color block thing.  I have to say, I am really loving wearing color,  doing some new things with my wardrobe, and stepping outside of my black box.  Tell me what you think, people.


15 Responses to “Me love color long time!”

  1. I love that pop of pink and blue with the gray jeans. Really cute outfit! Stepping out of the box is definitely rewarding. I’m trying to do the same!

  2. Nique Says:

    Very cute. Love the color combo & how they contrast. Good choice. I’m trying to step away from black too. But its so hard…


  3. Mia Says:

    you know…i have a problem with adding colors too. for some reason i just end up with black and grey…or grey and something else…but its always grey LOL. I think I’m nervous about wearing two colors that don’t match. But you did a great job with color blocking…the shoes and the top totally compliment each other…yeah and it definately helps that you are SUPER CUTE!! (:

    • gen321 Says:

      LMBO! Thank you! I just take a chance here and there. What I want to do is start experimenting with more patterns, beyond animal print. I’m just waiting to find the right colorful patterned item. We can do this, girl! We can step up our color game!

  4. Sylvia polk Says:

    I ,too love the color combination you chose.I have never seen shoes in that particular shade of blue,I love the shoes.The only blue i’ve ever seen in a shoe is the everpresent navy blue which is kind of blah.

  5. StephanieDJL Says:

    oo I love the clashing colours, you look fab!

  6. Tanica Says:

    I don’t think I ever thought about it, but it is very cute and mod. The style of the neutral pants tie it together. I likey.

  7. Randall Says:

    I want to wear this outfit. This exact outfit. I do. EXACTLY.

  8. […] my blue shoes (and I don’t know why they are so blurry), but you can see the shoes below and here. My blue suede […]

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