In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

Aww Shucks! I can’t lie to you! August 25, 2011

Hey y’all, hey! I am back at home but still on vacation.  Well…….ok.  I got a lay-off notice, but I may get called back for the new school year and if not, *shrug* I will get another job.  So I am still calling this vacation, even though technically speaking, one might say I am unemployed. *shrug again*

Anywhoo, continuing with the truth, this post today is really about the shoes I wore to church tonight.  I first saw these shoes as a status posting from Nasty Gal on my Gen321 facebook page.  The shoes are by Qupid and it was love at first sight!!!! I searched everywhere online for this shoe in my size and could find nothing!  I was heartbroken and this was one of the few occasions when I cursed my size 10 (sometimes 11) feet;  but people I serve a good God!  I serve a faithful God and after giving up all hope and putting the shoes out of my mind, what do I find while strolling through Bayside Mall in Miami, after coming back from my cruise in June?  THESE SHOES!

Oh, baby!


*in Golum voice* My preciousssssssss!


I was ecstatic to say the least.  I wore them today with all white.

Blazer- JCPenney, Lace Trim Tank-Old Navy, Jeans-Ashley Stewarts, Qupid T-Strap Pumps-random store in Miami, Handbag-SEE by Chloe, Two Finger Ring-Jessica Simpson Collection

I want to find just the right midi skirt to wear them with and wear the stank out of these shoes before it gets too cold.  Well, what do you think about my precious babies?  *puss in boots eyes* Aren’t they totally adorbs?  Tell me what you think y’all!

On my way to church before this white got too dirty.



6 Responses to “Aww Shucks! I can’t lie to you!”

  1. LOVE the sparkly detail i the shoes

  2. Prissy Says:

    Well, things will get better. Just keep your head up!

    Those shoes remind me of the Jessica Simpson Dany. Too cute! Love what you wore to church


  3. That_Tiffany Says:

    What are they called and how much are they!?!?!?!

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