In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

It is what it is. *shrug* November 21, 2011

The day started so well. *sigh*

I had a title for this post ready, I had taken pictures with my new camera and tripod, and the day was going smooth as silk.   I was having a super, fantastic day and then I decided to call the IRS about a tax issue, that should have been resolved but I hadn’t heard anything from them.   After being on hold for an half hour, being told that a “referral” would be sent to the agent that was handling my case, then being told that it would be 30 days before I would hear from the agent regarding the “referral”, and then talking for an hour with a taxpayer advocate it all boiled down to me having to refile some tax forms and wait another 3 months before my issue is resolved.  *shakes fist at tax preparer*

While driving down the expressway, going to the grocery store for my sweet potato pie ingredients, giving fellow drivers the stink-eye and giving my kids the business if I heard them breathe hard, I finally decided to just start mouthing the words,  “Thank you, Jesus“, because it could be worse and say it with me… is, what it is.

So anywhoo, I did look cute today and I am wearing my fave new item; my Calvin Klein moto-style, faux leather jacket.  I love this jacket!!!!  I picked it up at Macy’s about a month ago and I wear it almost everyday.  It looks and feels like leather and has sweater-knit on the inside lapels.

Jacket-Calvin Klein @ Macy's, Turtleneck-INC @ Macy's, Cable Knit Midi Skirt-ASOS Curve, Boots-Etienne Aigner (no longer available)

I really like this skirt.

I love this jacket!

Well that’s all folks!  Anyone else like my jacket?  What about the skirt?   Last, but not least, can you recommend a good accoutant?  Mine is about to get FIRED!!!  TTYL!

10 Responses to “It is what it is. *shrug*”

  1. Anne Marie Says:

    You look darling Tracy – love the jacket and skirt. Wish I could help you in the accounting department, but that is out of my league!! Sweet potato pie – sounds good to me!

  2. Weesha Says:

    i absolutely love your skirt! You look gorgeous 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Tracey! It’s been too long since your last post(I don’t know how to do the sad face). You need to post more often. It’s the only way a lonely mom can see you(again the sad face). You look great…sigh.

  4. Pray that accountant stuff gets taken care of. Your jacket is very cute and edgy, the whole outfit is really chic. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. QueenDiva Says:

    Accountant? Yep… in Maryland though lol. Jacket… yes me likes… skirt? Me LOVES!! I need sme pleats in my life… oh yea… you look great

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