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JIVE TURKEY! November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 11/24/11

Happy Holidays, everyone!! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wore a fave outfit to the family dinner.

I like to call this outfit, my Foxy Clown outfit (My brother always calls me Foxy Clown.  *sarcastically*I love him so.)  It has the 70″s vibe and I am a 70’s child.  When I wear this outfit (which has been quite often recently) I get alot of compliments and alot of “Cleopatra Jones” or “Freeze Sucka!” comments.

I’ve had the jeans for about 2 years and had only worn them once or twice until I got my new fave jacket and my new wool floppy hat.  The jeans are from one of my favorite online/catalog shopping sites, Alloy.   They carry a ton of cute jeans, in all color and style ranges and……………they offer extended sizes and lengths.  Most of the jeans I wear are from Alloy.

Floppy Hat-Macy's, Turtleneck-Lane Bryant (old), Jeans by Spoon-Alloy (old), Jacket-Calvin Klein @Macy's, Shoes (unseen)-Steve Madden @Macy's, Purse (seen above)-Coach

Ok folks, tell me what you think.  Would Pam Grier be proud?  LOL!

Happy Holidays and TTYL!


9 Responses to “JIVE TURKEY!”

  1. A Sassy Woman Says:

    Soo Chic! Love it love it. Cute Hat 🙂

    Check out my blog ASassyWoman.Com


  2. Sis, you been looking especially gorgeous lately!! Yes, you would have done Foxy Brown justice, love that hat…just enough mystery to keep’em guessing.

  3. Candace Says:

    Your personality radiates through your clothing! Very beautiful 😉 o and btw, love the hat 🙂

  4. QueenDiva Says:

    You can wear a floppy hat so well… you look awesome…. 70s or not… I think its super current & trendy…

  5. Love it! That hat and jacket are making me want to go on a fashion hunt. PRONTO!

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