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Black & White & Grey All Over February 17, 2012

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Grey Day

Hey y’all, hey!!! I am so feeling wearing white in the winter!!! I decided to wear my white jeans today and I gotta be honest, it was a risk.  It had snowed a few days ago and then most of the snow melted, leaving small patches of snow and large patches of mud.

I would not be deterred however, by all the mud and black slush.  Nor would I be deterred by the overcast and grey sky.  The idea of wearing my white jeans actually was an encouragement to go out and start the day, because the thought of going out on this cold, grey day was a little depressing.

Here are some pictures.  Tell me what you think.  Would you wear white in the winter?

I don't know why I like this picture so much!

Wishing I could go to my car and go to some place with sun!

*What I am wearing: Moto Style Jacket-Calvin Klein @Macy’s, White Skinny Jeans-Ashley Stewart (old), Turtleneck-INC @Macy’s, Circle Scarf-Ashley Stewart, Wedge Boots-Nine West (old), Handbag-Michael Kors @Macy’s


12 Responses to “Black & White & Grey All Over”

  1. celeste Says:

    I rock my white jeans in the winter as well as some white boots. It lights up a gray day and a bad mood. Most of all you get looks from folks who think you are a out of the box thinker


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Come on down!

  3. Wearing white definitely brightens your day as well as those around you!

  4. Kiah Says:

    I seriously almost wore white pants today except it was raining!! lol I love those pants! Kiah

  5. hemsforher Says:

    I’m always nervous in white pants, but they are so chic! Work ’em any time of the year!

    I hope you will come over and visit me

    Katie- Hems For Her

  6. Vivi Says:

    Of course, I’m always last in everything. I do not own any white jeans. Not even cream jeans. Not even pants! *le sigh* Gots to step my game up. I would love to wear white jeans in the winter. In fact, wearing white during winter season is always so pretty to me.

    Anywho, I like the touch of color you added with the purse.

    • gen321 Says:

      Thank you, Vivi for stopping by my page! I used to avoid white at all cost, but in recent years it has been my primary color for summer and now I love to wear it in the winter. Get you some white jeans, girl!!! You will love them!!

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