In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

SUMMER DREAMS! July 16, 2012

Hey y’all, hey!!!  This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of co-chairing the Summer Dreams fashion show for my little cousin Darryl Ray Dewberry, an inspiring fashion designer.  This was a fund raising event held in my aunt’s backyard, to help her with the cost of preparing for her coming out.  She will be a debutante in Washington, D.C. this August, for the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses.

It was a great event, with my family involved and an opportunity for young people from the local chapter of NCGCC, to strut their stuff.  I didn’t get a chance to take pics of the actual show, because I was in the house helping the models to get lined up and making sure the show flowed.

I did take time after the show, however, to set up the tripod and take pictures of my outfit.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,  the dress I am wearing!  So colorful and cute! Alot of bigger women are intimidated by stripes and there was a time when I was too, but this dress just drew me in and I had to have it.

Dress-American Rag@Macy’s, Clutch-BCBG@Macy’s, Flats-Calvin Klein@Macy’s, Sunglasses-Coach@Sunglass Hut (@Macy’s SHEESH! I am there a lot!), ID Bracelet (old)- Harajuku@Macy’s

….and my clutch?  Love to the nth degree! It is suede and the metal details just have me enthralled.

Anywhoo, I better get that dress to the dry cleaners ( I don’t want it to get pilly), so I can wear it one day in D.C.  What do you think of the dress?  Do you wear stripes?  Let me know what you think.  TTYL!


Come thru in the clutch!! February 23, 2012

I just love the clutch handbag!

I have always really loved the clutch style handbag.  It can be dainty and demure, sophisticated and glamorous, or hip and trendy.  My mother and grandmother carried clutch handbags and always liked how they just made a woman look mature and confident, like “I don’t care if this thing can just be snatched from under my arm!  It only contains a few singles and my lipstick, anyway!”
The clutch has returned to popularity in recent years and I have found myself accumulating quite a few.  Now, I don’t carry them often because I usually like to have a full arsenal of makeup and hair tools when I leave the house for work, church, shopping, or the post office.  You just don’t know who you might see, meet, or die in the arms of, so I like to be fully prepared.  I usually carry a clutch when I am going out; going out with friends, going out on a date, or going to a formal or semi-formal event.
At any rate, I have picked up a few new (or new to me) clutch handbags in recent weeks and I plan to incorporate them in some outfits in near future.  Two of the clutch handbags I picked up during the FashDet Thrift Store Crawl last month.
The peachy clutch, I would love to carry with some of the really pretty pastel items that are so hot for sping.  I imagine it with very light, mint green skinny jeans and the wispiest of cream, white, or light blue tops. *le sigh*  The black clutch I can carry with just about anything, anywhere, anytime.  The length of it just gives me a thrill, because it conjures up images of Joan Crawford.

Peach 80"s style clutch-Thrifted

Black suede like 40's style clutch-Thrifted I love that this clutch is xtra long!

Faux snake print clutch-Ashley Steward

The next two clutch handbags I caught on a humble.  I was running my little weekend errands and one of my stops was Ashley Stewart to pick up tights.  Well, they were all out of tights (apparently, they have stopped shipping them to the stores because spring is coming) but as I was walking out of the store, this red clutch caught my eye on a rack that said 50% off. I sashayed my Shonte’ up to the counter, to see if the half off price was $16 or was it half off of $16.  Beep, beep goes the scanner and I walk out of Ashley Stewart disappointed about the tights but happy over my $8 clutch.

Ain't God good?!!! I found it in blue!!!

Well, I continued to run errands and later in the day I had to go to a meeting at my church.  Now when I get to the church, no one has arrived yet so….still on a mission to get tights, I go to the Ashley Stewart near my church.  I walk in, tights display empty except for two pairs of 2x fishnets that looked like someone had taken a fork to them.  Lo and behold, though!!! What should I spy with my two brown eyes, a lone, blue faux snakeskin clutch like the one I had purchased earlier in the day.

So, I have managed to pick up four really nice (in my opinion) clutch purses for under $30 bucks.  I think I did good *pats self on back*.  I have decided to spend less on clothing, shop less, etc. and do more giving in 2012, and I feel like thrifting and purchasing item on deep, deep clearance will help me to do that.  *I was honest with God!  I won’t vow to stop shopping, but I will spend less, shop less, and buy more used stuff.*
Well, what do you think of my clutch handbags?  Do you carry clutch bags?  Let me know.
Conjuring up outfit ideas right now with my new handbags so I can……..come through in the clutch.  *I so clever! LOL*

Oooh, La, La! So Francois! February 15, 2012

I was hesitant to post pics of this outfit, because the picture quality is so…………………………….*Cathy voice* ACK!!!!!  I really thought I looked cute, though!  When I walked into my school, some of the students commented that I “look like I should be in Paris”.

Fortunately, I had my handy, dandy camera with me and I decided to take pictures.

I, honestly, just threw this outfit together!

I had been looking for an opportunity to wear my, normally for summer only, white blazer and I decided to throw it on over this cute dress I picked up on sale.  I plan to wear the blazer again soon, with some dark rinse jeggings and pumps, inspired by photos I saw in People StyleWatch magazine.  I love the idea/look of summer white in the winter time!

I promise you, these were the best pictures I took! *Blue Ivy shrug*

It was a beautiful day.

So, what am I wearing?
The blazer is from an old white pant suit I got at JCPenney a few years ago.  The dress is by L8ter.  It is the very trendy, cold shoulder style with a pleated hem and you can get it at Macy’s.  The boots are the over-the-knee style and they are from Torrid.  *side note*  The boots are slouchy on me because the boot is too big for my calves.  I cannot win for losing, in the battle of the boot vs. my big calves, but that is a story for another post.  The fishnet tights are from Ashley Stewart and the beret I stol…………………borrowed from my daughter.
I was also wearing/carrying some of my new fave accessories.  *bats eyes*

Michael Kors Grayson JetSet bag in Pink.

New Coach sunglasses. Very Jackie O!!!

Despite the fact that my pictures did not turn out as well as I would have liked, I felt great and felt like I looked great.  I just wish how I felt (and looked) could have been conveyed through the photos, better.  Oh, well!  As the french say, C’est la vie!  TTYL!


Aww Shucks! I can’t lie to you! August 25, 2011

Hey y’all, hey! I am back at home but still on vacation.  Well…….ok.  I got a lay-off notice, but I may get called back for the new school year and if not, *shrug* I will get another job.  So I am still calling this vacation, even though technically speaking, one might say I am unemployed. *shrug again*

Anywhoo, continuing with the truth, this post today is really about the shoes I wore to church tonight.  I first saw these shoes as a status posting from Nasty Gal on my Gen321 facebook page.  The shoes are by Qupid and it was love at first sight!!!! I searched everywhere online for this shoe in my size and could find nothing!  I was heartbroken and this was one of the few occasions when I cursed my size 10 (sometimes 11) feet;  but people I serve a good God!  I serve a faithful God and after giving up all hope and putting the shoes out of my mind, what do I find while strolling through Bayside Mall in Miami, after coming back from my cruise in June?  THESE SHOES!

Oh, baby!


*in Golum voice* My preciousssssssss!


I was ecstatic to say the least.  I wore them today with all white.

Blazer- JCPenney, Lace Trim Tank-Old Navy, Jeans-Ashley Stewarts, Qupid T-Strap Pumps-random store in Miami, Handbag-SEE by Chloe, Two Finger Ring-Jessica Simpson Collection

I want to find just the right midi skirt to wear them with and wear the stank out of these shoes before it gets too cold.  Well, what do you think about my precious babies?  *puss in boots eyes* Aren’t they totally adorbs?  Tell me what you think y’all!

On my way to church before this white got too dirty.



Sportin’ my sky! July 24, 2011

Good day, people!!!! You ever buy an item, that you LOVE, and you envision exactly how you want to wear it but you are missing some pieces?  Ok, that is what happened with the sky (hat for the uninitiated) I wore today.  *full disclosure* I have a HUGE head! I can rarely find a hat that will fit my head.  So………I visit one of my fave stores, ForLove 21, with my daughter and see this hat.  I mention to her, how much I love that style and with no expectation that it will fit, try the hat on.  OMGoodness, the durn thing fit!!!!! My daughter is surprised.  I am……………………stunned and I look at the price tag. $10.50?!  Oh, ahn, ahn! I run to the register *dancing an imaginary jig in my head* and pay for my hat!

I bragged for days, to anyone that would listen, about my new hat.  I had this vision of myself in the hat,with an off the shoulder, peasant style, dress on and cute, black sandals; jingling, gypsy bangles and my Versace sunglasses.  Oh, Oprah! I was going to turn……………………………whatever place, out!

*sigh* Alas, I never did find an inexpensive version of the dress and the hat languished on the top of my dresser for months.  I can’t be the only person that does this; buy an item with visions of the perfect outfit and you let the item just collect dust while waiting on the “perfect” pieces to match it with.   Ok, maybe I am the only weirdo (nee dum-dum) that does that.

Well anywhoo, a couple of days ago I pulled that hat out and wore it with an old, black maxi skirt.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I didn’t take pics of that outfit because……………….well I just wasn’t feelin’ it.  Today, however, I wore my hat again!

Hat-ForLove21, Dress-INC @ Macy's, My old standby wedge sandals-Nine West (last year), Handbag-Coach

I just wanted to wear it!   I just love the way I feel when I wear it.  Sexy, diva-ish, classy, mysterious, just fabulous.

I wore this to church today and well…………….*in my JJ from GoodTimes voice* you know, what can I say! Here’s a pic with my face showing, but typically you can’t see my face in this hat (I LOVE THAT!!!).

There's my face. No makeup today, folks! Too hot!

What do you guys think?  How cute is this dress (I got it on sale at Macy’s about a week ago)?  Leave comments folks and I will ttyl!


Stylin’ in the City July 9, 2011

I had a fabulous day, today!  I attended an event today, as a *drumroll please*…………………BLOGGER!  I attended the Styles in the City conference in my hometown of Detroit and I got a lot of information and met alot of great people who are in the fashion industry. I met LeTicia F. , a makeup artist, photographer, and stylist who has worked with Ford, IMG, and NEXT.  I also got to meet one of my Twitter pals and the creator of the The NYLA Report , Asia Willis.  Both ladies are from the D and it was just encouraging to meet women who have and are making it happen, cause I am considering going to another level. More about that another time.

So….I decided to go casual to the event, because it started at 8:30 in the morning and I just didn’t feel to get glammed up.  Anywhoo, I just picked up this top a few days ago.

Top-Alfani @ Macy's, Leggings-Alfani @ Macy's, Thong Sandals-Payless

I really like it and it is feeding one of my current obsessions………pockets.

I love pockets!

I also wore a belt I thrifted Value World, as a cuff on my wrist.

Cuff/Belt-Thrifted @ Value World

It just added a little touch of sparkle (my other recent obsession).

Well……I am exhausted.  Gotta get some rest. I am going to the beach after church tomorrow, so I will talk to y’all later! xoxoxoxoxo!


STREET STYLE! *sorta* June 13, 2011

It has been so long since I posted, but this is a busy, busy time of the year for me on my job along with some other drama (some good, some not so  good).  Anywhoo, it’s not that I haven’t been taking pictures of outfits or that I didn’t have anything to blog about, it’s  just………………………..*sigh*

Anyway.  Today I took some pics in the street in front of my house,  before going to work.  I threw this on, because today was one of those perfect days (at least in my book), that was sunny, not cold, but not so hot you couldn’t wear a jacket or shrug.  I love these types of days. It allows you to be so creative with your wardrobe.   Now, I wouldn’t say my outfit of the day was that “creative”, but it allowed me to mix and match, something old and something new.

Blazer-JCPenney (about 3 years ago), Maxi Dress-Old Navy, Sunglasses-Versace @ Macy's

Thong Sandal-Anne Klein @ Macy's

You can’t see my shoes (YAY!!! I love a super long maxi dress!), so here is a pic. *side note* There was a recent pic of LeBron James, that stirred some controversy, because it looked like he had a sixth toe.  This picture of my foot, may stir up some of the same controversy, but know that I don’t have a sixth toe, I just need to get to the shop. Real talk.  LOL!

I also wore my fave silver (or silver tone) jewelry today. My silver bamboo hoop earrings and a rhinestone ring I got a few months back.  I love this ring! It is edgy, cute, different, eye catching.  I forget what kind of bird it is supposed to be, but…….. *shrug*

Rhinestone Ring-ForLove21 *not a great picture*

Ok so,  I will be blogging more, as the school year comes to an end (this is my last week) and I will for sure have some pictures from the cruise I will be going on, the end of this month.   So, toodles!  ;^)