In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

Lady!! July 23, 2012

I felt like a lady today.  I mean, I felt so sophisticated and lady like in my outfit today.

Don’t you love the sun spot in the pic, right on my boobs? Like they are being spotlit! LOL! I still really like this pic though, so I used it anyway.

I just got this outfit from ASOS Curve and it was perfect for the long day, I had today.  I wore it to morning church service and then I wore it to an afternoon church event with the community choir I manage, Antonio D. George and The Excellent Voices of Praise.

I am loving the return of the peplum this season, and when ASOS had a sale, I snagged another one (I have it in Lilac, too).

Peplum Top-ASOS Curve, Midi Pencil Skirt-ASOS Curve, Necklace (old)-Ashley Stewart, Beetle Ring-Rachel Roy@Macys, Pumps (old)-BCBG, Sunglasses-Coach@Sunglass Hut

I tried not to get too crazy with the accessories, but I had to wear my beetle ring from Rachel Roy.  It is an eye catching ring (at least in my opinion).

Ignore my nails. I haven’t had a chance to get to the shop, but what do you think about the ring?

The necklace is something I have had for a while and have barely worn, but I have seen so many women in statement necklaces this summer, I have been looking for an opportunity to pull out some of the ones I have.

I really was feeling this necklace with my outfit today.

I can’t wait to wear this outfit again, together and seperately.  This midi pencil skirt is about to be worn to ribbons and the peplum top will be so cute with cropped, black skinnies.

Well……….it is time for this LADY to shut it down.  Exhausted from a long of praising and worshipping.  I will talk to y’all later.


BACK TO BASICS! May 11, 2011

Monday, I was having one of those mornings that you sometimes have.  *so now you know this isn’t a OOTD, but more like an OOTOD-Outfit of the Other Day* I didn’t know what to wear to work, but I know I wanted to look good to lift my spirits (you know, the Monday Moanin’ Blues).  I winded up throwing on my go to color and last summers go to pants.  I felt so cute all day!  I had to kinda stay out of the limelight, because the tank I wore was a little boobalicious.   When I had to come out of my office, I made sure to keep my jacket closed out of respect for the raging hormones of middle school boys (and middle aged men).

Tuxedo style Blazer-Roaman's, Tank-Macy's, Harem Pants-ASOS Curve, Wedge Sandals-Nine West @ Macy's, Rhinestone Ring-ForLove21 (if you can see it. LOL!)


I just felt so good in this outfit and what better way to start the work week off, than feeling confident and uber-attractive *wink*.  Tell me what you think, y’all.

Coach Sabrina Bag-Macy's


Guess what? Chicken Butt! March 20, 2011

I really like this jacket!

Hey y’all!  Since my last post, I am feeling much better.  Have problems been solved? Have situations been resolved? Not completely, but if I have learned nothing else in this Christ walk, it is to BE STRONG and TAKE COURAGE (Psalm 31:24 ESV!  To that end, no matter what is going on, I try not to isolate myself from my source of strength, the word of God and the people of God.

That means for me, making my way to the church house for bible study and Sunday service.  My attendance and participation, edifies me; reminds me of my hope and helps me to maintain my focus on Christ.

At the end of the day………………………………….God’s got me!

Ok, so………….I have pics from church service today. I love this jacket, but for some reason when I wear it, I feel like I should be cluckin’ and peckin’.   Weird?  I know. LOL! 

Not the best frontal photo, but.........*shrug* Jacket-American Rag@Macy's, Tank-Merona@Target, Skirt-Ashley Stewart, Pumps-INC@Macy's, Bracelet-ForLove21


The detail in the back, just makes me feel chickenish!

Ok, so…………………I hope you had a great Sunday.  I did *big grin*!  To my situation, I say…………….Guess what?  Chicken Butt!  TTYL! ;^)


Black Heart February 15, 2011

UGH!!!!!! I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!  *big sigh* No I don’t, but yesterday I woke up in a foul mood, that was prompted by an unpleaseant situation from the day before.   I won’t go into any detail as to what happened, but let me just say……………………………………my feelings were hurt.  *another big sigh*

I usually wear black, but yesterday because my heart was black with anger, hatred, spite, jealousy, and a lot of other negative emotions ( I’m being honest, folks), I purposed in my heart to wear an outfit that would set me apart from most other people who were wearing……………..*evil eye*…….. red.

Black coat-INC @Macy's, black top-Ashley Stewart, black pants-Gap Premium Collection, black handbag-Coach, black ankle boots-? (some boutique, in some plaza *shrug*), black sunglasses-Versace @Sunglass Hut



This top is super cute! I love the rosette at the neckline!

Thankfully, I didn’t go to sleep another night in a bad mood.  By the end of the day, I had to come out of myself and spend time with someone whose Valentine’s Day will probably never be the same.   I was reminded that Valentine’s Day, like any other day we are allowed to see, is a day that the Lord has made and I better rejoice and be glad in it.  I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day.   TTYL!


School of Rock! January 25, 2011

Yeah, I titled this post, School of Rock. It’s a stretch, but…..*shrug*  This is just a quick OOTD post of what I wore to work today.  This outfit was inspired by a blogger’s OOTD post I viewed some weeks ago and unfortunately *mega sad face*I can’t remember which blogger it was, so I can’t give proper credit. 

She had on the same skirt and I had recently picked up the skirt in the colors black and blue at Macy’s.  I can’t wait until spring, because I want to try a color block thing with the blue skirt.   Anywhoo, I work in the local schools and I try to be different, fun, and cute without pushing the envelope on appropriateness. 

You can't really see the ID bracelet, but it is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It says MUSIC (how appropriate, now that I think about it *smug look*) and it is made by Harajuku Lovers.

This is my take on her look (I feel so bad, that I can’t remember who’s site it was *mega, mega sad face*). *side note* I have been playing with the computer and image effects on my pics, but what I realized today is that I am really trying to hide my disgust with the fact that my hair is not………………………………..UGH!  I hate my hair right now. So, my pics are in sepia tones. Yada, yada, yada.  TTYL!

Rockin' my outfit! Faux leather jkt-Dots, scarf-Ashley Stewarts, INC turtleneck-Macy's, INC tiered ruffle skirt-Macy's, tights-Ashley Stewart, Moto Boots-DSW, Bamboo Hoops-Pawn Shop, Belt-borrowed from a dress

Still working on how to pose *shrug*.


SIMPLY………. January 23, 2011

Coat-INC@Macy's, Blouse-Lauren Ralph Lauren, Pencil Skirt-Ashley Stewart, Purse-Juicy Couture, Pumps-Jessica Simpson, Stockings-Berkshire @Ashley Stewart, Jewelry-Combination of ForLove 21 and Juicy Couture

Today was my first day back at my church, since my return from Miami.  I wore something black, comfortable and I think……simply chic.  *side note* The latest edition of People StyleWatch says, pearls, pearls, and more pearls are so last season, but I beg to differ!

Here are my OOTD pics for Sunday, January 23, 2011.  You will notice some of the photos are cropped. My hair was on the ziggity boom, so……………you know how it is. LOL!  TTYL!

Chesty LaRue! LOL! LOL! LOL!



One of these days, I will learn how to pose.


HAPPY NEW YOU!!!!! January 3, 2011

OMGoodness!!!! It has been almost a month since I posted and I feel really bad!  I have been really busy at my part-time job (the retailer that shall not be named) and when I say busy, I mean busy.  Almost 40 hours a week, in addition to my full-time job.  That should explain my last post.  There was so much more I could have added to that list, but the holidays are over and I won’t go there.

Anywhoo.  I had a wonderful holiday with family and friends and the new year is looking promising.  2010 had its ups and downs, but all in all, God was with me.  I lost weight in 2010, started working on my Masters in Counseling, watched my daughter graduate from high school and go off to her first year of college, and turned 40.  I am speaking success and victory in my life, in every area.  I am feeling good about myself and feel like now, unlike in my youth, I know who I am and I love who I am. :^)  It is a blessing to have a good self-concept, high self-esteem, confidence, and a positive outlook on life.  I know who I am and I am a happy new me!

Ok, now on to my next favorite subject after myself;  fashion and shopping.

The perk of working retail, is you get a first look at upcoming trends, incoming items, and…………………… sale and clearance items.  I will be honest, I shop while I work.  I am constantly on the lookout for things that are being reduced and *Billy Bob Thornton in Slingblade voice* ……I done good, this season!

I will of course be posting pics and I will be posting a new Deo Volente list, real soon.

I am going to kick off the year with some pics from my aunt’s retirement party and my New Year’s Eve outfit.

The dress I wore to my aunt’s retirement party is one of my favorite dresses, that I have had for a couple of years.  It is a classic example of the perks you get working in retail.  This dress was designed similar to some Calvin Klein and Tahari dresses that were in the store the season I bought it and I watched and waited for it to go on sale.  It did and I got it for less than $30.  The picture may not show how the skirt is khaki with a metallic sheen.  The dress is sleeveless and I love to wear it with a black cardigan.  This particular evening, I did something different and wore fishnet stockings with my BCBG peeptoe pumps. *side note* I LOVE BCBG shoes!!!! They are so comfortable!   I carried a little black and gold clutch I got from ForLove 21 for about $5.

Retirement party for my Aunt-December 11, 2010.


Me and my Mom at Aunt's retirment party


*please note-my NYE pics were taken on a camera phone, so…….LOL!*

My NYE outfit. Corduroy Leggings-Hue, Wedge Booties-Nine West, Tank-Ashley Stewart, Jacket-American Rag


The detailing on this jacket is so cute!!! :^( I wish I had better photos, but I will be wearing it quite often and I have it in gray, too.

I hate that you can’t get a good look at my outfit, because it is SUPER CUTE!  I wore it to work and then to church for our NYE party.  It is another example of items hitting your department and you snag them.  A couple of the items I have on, were dirt cheap. 

Well…………I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I pray 2011 brings you joy, peace, success, happiness,  and takes you to a new level in every facet of your life.  Remember, the Lord loves you and I do, too!  HAPPY NEW YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  TTYL!