In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

Lady!! July 23, 2012

I felt like a lady today.  I mean, I felt so sophisticated and lady like in my outfit today.

Don’t you love the sun spot in the pic, right on my boobs? Like they are being spotlit! LOL! I still really like this pic though, so I used it anyway.

I just got this outfit from ASOS Curve and it was perfect for the long day, I had today.  I wore it to morning church service and then I wore it to an afternoon church event with the community choir I manage, Antonio D. George and The Excellent Voices of Praise.

I am loving the return of the peplum this season, and when ASOS had a sale, I snagged another one (I have it in Lilac, too).

Peplum Top-ASOS Curve, Midi Pencil Skirt-ASOS Curve, Necklace (old)-Ashley Stewart, Beetle Ring-Rachel Roy@Macys, Pumps (old)-BCBG, Sunglasses-Coach@Sunglass Hut

I tried not to get too crazy with the accessories, but I had to wear my beetle ring from Rachel Roy.  It is an eye catching ring (at least in my opinion).

Ignore my nails. I haven’t had a chance to get to the shop, but what do you think about the ring?

The necklace is something I have had for a while and have barely worn, but I have seen so many women in statement necklaces this summer, I have been looking for an opportunity to pull out some of the ones I have.

I really was feeling this necklace with my outfit today.

I can’t wait to wear this outfit again, together and seperately.  This midi pencil skirt is about to be worn to ribbons and the peplum top will be so cute with cropped, black skinnies.

Well……….it is time for this LADY to shut it down.  Exhausted from a long of praising and worshipping.  I will talk to y’all later.


SUMMER DREAMS! July 16, 2012

Hey y’all, hey!!!  This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of co-chairing the Summer Dreams fashion show for my little cousin Darryl Ray Dewberry, an inspiring fashion designer.  This was a fund raising event held in my aunt’s backyard, to help her with the cost of preparing for her coming out.  She will be a debutante in Washington, D.C. this August, for the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses.

It was a great event, with my family involved and an opportunity for young people from the local chapter of NCGCC, to strut their stuff.  I didn’t get a chance to take pics of the actual show, because I was in the house helping the models to get lined up and making sure the show flowed.

I did take time after the show, however, to set up the tripod and take pictures of my outfit.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE,  the dress I am wearing!  So colorful and cute! Alot of bigger women are intimidated by stripes and there was a time when I was too, but this dress just drew me in and I had to have it.

Dress-American Rag@Macy’s, Clutch-BCBG@Macy’s, Flats-Calvin Klein@Macy’s, Sunglasses-Coach@Sunglass Hut (@Macy’s SHEESH! I am there a lot!), ID Bracelet (old)- Harajuku@Macy’s

….and my clutch?  Love to the nth degree! It is suede and the metal details just have me enthralled.

Anywhoo, I better get that dress to the dry cleaners ( I don’t want it to get pilly), so I can wear it one day in D.C.  What do you think of the dress?  Do you wear stripes?  Let me know what you think.  TTYL!


It is what it is. *shrug* November 21, 2011

The day started so well. *sigh*

I had a title for this post ready, I had taken pictures with my new camera and tripod, and the day was going smooth as silk.   I was having a super, fantastic day and then I decided to call the IRS about a tax issue, that should have been resolved but I hadn’t heard anything from them.   After being on hold for an half hour, being told that a “referral” would be sent to the agent that was handling my case, then being told that it would be 30 days before I would hear from the agent regarding the “referral”, and then talking for an hour with a taxpayer advocate it all boiled down to me having to refile some tax forms and wait another 3 months before my issue is resolved.  *shakes fist at tax preparer*

While driving down the expressway, going to the grocery store for my sweet potato pie ingredients, giving fellow drivers the stink-eye and giving my kids the business if I heard them breathe hard, I finally decided to just start mouthing the words,  “Thank you, Jesus“, because it could be worse and say it with me… is, what it is.

So anywhoo, I did look cute today and I am wearing my fave new item; my Calvin Klein moto-style, faux leather jacket.  I love this jacket!!!!  I picked it up at Macy’s about a month ago and I wear it almost everyday.  It looks and feels like leather and has sweater-knit on the inside lapels.

Jacket-Calvin Klein @ Macy's, Turtleneck-INC @ Macy's, Cable Knit Midi Skirt-ASOS Curve, Boots-Etienne Aigner (no longer available)

I really like this skirt.

I love this jacket!

Well that’s all folks!  Anyone else like my jacket?  What about the skirt?   Last, but not least, can you recommend a good accoutant?  Mine is about to get FIRED!!!  TTYL!

I JUST LOVE A BARGAIN! August 5, 2011

Hi, y’all! *waving*  I’m visting my family in Knoxville, before heading to Atlanta.  This is sorta a vacation.  I am on my way to Atlanta for the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses.  The convention has a lot of activities and programs, so you can be as busy as you want to be for the week.

Now.  When ever I visit Knoxville, I love to hit certain stores, because the bargains are so fantastic.  One of my fave spots is Ross (we don’t have Ross in Detroit).  I got into Knoxville yesterday and the first thing my daughter and I wanted to do, was check out the Ross at the bottom of the hill.  I got a really pretty blue dress, that I wore today for our thrift shopping.  It was $9.99!  I had to get it.  I spent about $30 bucks; getting the dress, an animal print midi skirt by JonesNewYork, a black knit midi length skirt, and another support tank (I love to wear those under my clothes, for smoothing and shaping) What do you think about this dress?

This is not the greatest picture, but......*shrug* Dress-Ross, Wedge Sandals-Nine West, Handbag-See by Chloe

Even if I am only coming to town for a day or two (like this trip), I must stop at Marti & Liz.  They have some great shoe bargains! New, used, or whatever(any shoe I have purchased, has never been worn).  I have picked up many a great shoe at this spot, including the grey version of the wedge sandal I wore today.  In the same plaza as Marti & Liz, is the

Great consignment shop.


The Repeat Boutique is a consignment shop, that specializes in designer and name brand items.  I got a great piece there today.  It was so pretty, I had to buy it.  I am imagining it with a long, white slip of a dress or as part of a white pants ensemble.

I just think this is so pretty! Right now I am thinking, long white maxi but................we will see.

Any ideas on what I could wear this piece with?  Let me know.  Ok, well my Mom is calling me to the family room, to watch the dvr recorded episodes of Bold & the Beautiful (I can’t stand Steffy and I want to see what’s going to happen now that Katy has had a heart attack)  I will talk to y’all later! MUAH!


Sportin’ my sky! July 24, 2011

Good day, people!!!! You ever buy an item, that you LOVE, and you envision exactly how you want to wear it but you are missing some pieces?  Ok, that is what happened with the sky (hat for the uninitiated) I wore today.  *full disclosure* I have a HUGE head! I can rarely find a hat that will fit my head.  So………I visit one of my fave stores, ForLove 21, with my daughter and see this hat.  I mention to her, how much I love that style and with no expectation that it will fit, try the hat on.  OMGoodness, the durn thing fit!!!!! My daughter is surprised.  I am……………………stunned and I look at the price tag. $10.50?!  Oh, ahn, ahn! I run to the register *dancing an imaginary jig in my head* and pay for my hat!

I bragged for days, to anyone that would listen, about my new hat.  I had this vision of myself in the hat,with an off the shoulder, peasant style, dress on and cute, black sandals; jingling, gypsy bangles and my Versace sunglasses.  Oh, Oprah! I was going to turn……………………………whatever place, out!

*sigh* Alas, I never did find an inexpensive version of the dress and the hat languished on the top of my dresser for months.  I can’t be the only person that does this; buy an item with visions of the perfect outfit and you let the item just collect dust while waiting on the “perfect” pieces to match it with.   Ok, maybe I am the only weirdo (nee dum-dum) that does that.

Well anywhoo, a couple of days ago I pulled that hat out and wore it with an old, black maxi skirt.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I didn’t take pics of that outfit because……………….well I just wasn’t feelin’ it.  Today, however, I wore my hat again!

Hat-ForLove21, Dress-INC @ Macy's, My old standby wedge sandals-Nine West (last year), Handbag-Coach

I just wanted to wear it!   I just love the way I feel when I wear it.  Sexy, diva-ish, classy, mysterious, just fabulous.

I wore this to church today and well…………….*in my JJ from GoodTimes voice* you know, what can I say! Here’s a pic with my face showing, but typically you can’t see my face in this hat (I LOVE THAT!!!).

There's my face. No makeup today, folks! Too hot!

What do you guys think?  How cute is this dress (I got it on sale at Macy’s about a week ago)?  Leave comments folks and I will ttyl!


Sunday Ramblings (Seriously! I am just rambling. LOL!) July 3, 2011

*rant*I love everything about summer except the heat!  I just got in from church and the blazing heat from door to car, car to door, makes you want to run back to the altar in case you missed something! I cannot go to hell!  Ok, now that I got that out…………..I have learned to enjoy this season.  The past few summers, I have not worked summer school, so I have had time to relax and enjoy the simple things in life (vis a vie, lay around the house and do free/cheap stuff, cuz I ain’t gots no money!) and that makes me really enjoy summer even more.  I get to spend time with the kiddos, go to the $1 show, have picnics; just enjoy myself (now if my soaps Guiding Light and As the World Turns were still on, I would be in hog heaven).

Anywhoo, I just got back (Tuesday) from my cruise to the Bahamas, via Miami, and I had an awesome time (pics later).  I missed my church family, so I couldn’t wait to see everyone today.  I enjoy service all the more because I don’t have to get home and get stuff ready for the work week (I will work my retail job tomorrow, but that is later in the day and I can zone out on that job for a few hours).

It is the first Sunday and traditionally, in a lot of churches, you wear all white.  I wore my white today and it felt so easy and breezy in the heat.

Cardigan-Style&Co @Macy's, tank-Dot's, Maxi Skirt-Style&Co @Macy's, Clutch-Thrifted, Thong Sandals-Anne Klein @Macy's

I have been looking for a nice white clutch for awhile, but I haven’t found one that was just right (kickin’ myself for not getting a  Jessica Simpson white clutch I saw, a few years ago).  I decided to carry a natural colored, woven clutch instead and I think it looks ok.  I like it because it is just the right size (I try not to carry small purses) and it has the wristlet thingy.

Clutch w/the wristlet thingy, handle, whatever. *my fave ring from ForLove21*

Sidebar, I got about 2 or 3 shades darker in the Bahamas, but my MAC Mineralized pressed powder……………………..WHOO! That stuff is great!  You may not be able to tell from the pics, but it just gives you a glow.  I top it off with MAC Ambering Rose blush and I am good to go.  Ok.  Well, I am off to my sister’s marriage celebration bbq. I will talk to y’all later. Leave comments! I love to hear from folks. Bye!

On my way to church. God is so AWESOME to me, that I have to give him some of my time!


Colored Girl! June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day, y’all!  This is a quickie. I am super tired, because I have had a busy weekend. I worked my part-time retail job yesterday, attended a fashion show, went to praise & worship rehearsal, attended Sunday Service, and worked my part-time job again today.  It was one of the weekends that they relaxed some of the uniform rules and I decided to wear color.  I may have gone overboard, but I have really fallen in love with the color block trend.  Deciding months ago to start adding more color to my wardrobe, I have slowly but surely added alot of bright pieces to my closet. 

So today, I wore something simple and comfy. 

Purple Tee-Dots, Coral Midi Skirt-Talbot's, Orange flip-flops-Coach, Sunglasses (forgot they were on my head)-Versace @ Macy's

I was going to wear a yellow tee with the skirt, but went with purple because I really like the idea of purple and red together.  It is just so………………..different (at least to me).
Tell me what you think, people.