In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

Jungaleer!!! March 19, 2012

Holding up the wall at Southeastern High School! GO JUNGALEERS!

Hey y’all, hey!! It’s Monday! YAY!!! Typically, I have very little idea of what I want to wear to work on a Monday, because typically I don’t want to go to work on Monday.  However, this weekend I was looking at some blogs and came across a recent post by GrownAndCurvyWoman here and I was inspired to wear my purple skinnies from ASOS Curve.

Coincidentally, I work at a high school where the school color is purple and the mascot is the Jungaleer (A reference to a lion or a jungle cat. *shrug* ).  So……..when I got to work this morning (cause I am not going to pretend like I planned this), I realized that I was representing with the animal print (Jungaleer) and the purple.  Hence, the title of this post, Jungaleer.

Anywhoo, I really liked how the animal print top looked with the purple.  I brought together two of the hottest trends (animal print and colored jeans).  I love all things animal print (got that from my Grandmother, Daisy) and to be honest, I don’t think animal prints ever really go out of style.  I also love the colored jean trend.  Colored jeans were very trendy when I was…………………..younger.  I know there is a rule that says, if you were around for the trend the first time, then you shouldn’t wear it the next time it is trendy (something like that) but I don’t care.  I really like the look and I already have a few pairs. What do you think about my look?  What is your favorite trend?




Peplums are back! Yay! March 2, 2012

Peplums!!! Yay!!!

Hi, y’all!! Got a quick OOTD post today.  I recently purchased a lilac peplum from ASOS Curve and I love it!!!  I think the peplum is really flattering for the fuller figure and when I remember as a teenager, the style was everywhere.  I got quite a few dresses in the style one summer and I thought I was Jackee from the show 227. It seemed like every outfit she wore had a peplum.  I really imagined wearing this top with dark rinse jeggings and some cute pumps, but I didn’t have the exact pumps I wanted so I wore my trusty wedge booties from Nine West.

OMG!  I think this top is so cute!  I hate that they were sold out of the animal print version, but if my wallet permits and they have the black one in my size, I will get that one too.

I got a chance to wear one of the items I picked up while on the thrift crawl with Fash Det in January.  This cuff is so cute to me.

My little cuff.

Do you like/wear the peplum style?  Tell me what you think about my look, folks.


It is what it is. *shrug* November 21, 2011

The day started so well. *sigh*

I had a title for this post ready, I had taken pictures with my new camera and tripod, and the day was going smooth as silk.   I was having a super, fantastic day and then I decided to call the IRS about a tax issue, that should have been resolved but I hadn’t heard anything from them.   After being on hold for an half hour, being told that a “referral” would be sent to the agent that was handling my case, then being told that it would be 30 days before I would hear from the agent regarding the “referral”, and then talking for an hour with a taxpayer advocate it all boiled down to me having to refile some tax forms and wait another 3 months before my issue is resolved.  *shakes fist at tax preparer*

While driving down the expressway, going to the grocery store for my sweet potato pie ingredients, giving fellow drivers the stink-eye and giving my kids the business if I heard them breathe hard, I finally decided to just start mouthing the words,  “Thank you, Jesus“, because it could be worse and say it with me… is, what it is.

So anywhoo, I did look cute today and I am wearing my fave new item; my Calvin Klein moto-style, faux leather jacket.  I love this jacket!!!!  I picked it up at Macy’s about a month ago and I wear it almost everyday.  It looks and feels like leather and has sweater-knit on the inside lapels.

Jacket-Calvin Klein @ Macy's, Turtleneck-INC @ Macy's, Cable Knit Midi Skirt-ASOS Curve, Boots-Etienne Aigner (no longer available)

I really like this skirt.

I love this jacket!

Well that’s all folks!  Anyone else like my jacket?  What about the skirt?   Last, but not least, can you recommend a good accoutant?  Mine is about to get FIRED!!!  TTYL!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME!!!! October 25, 2011

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Happy Anniversary to me!!!!

It’s my blog anniversary! One year ago, I jumped into the world of blogging and……………………….WHEW!  It has had it’s ups, downs, and all arounds, but I love it!

I am just………………..I don’t know! I am just thrilled to pieces that I made it one whole year!

Anyway, what’s an anniversary without presents?  *giggle*  To celebrate my anniversary, I am having a give-a-way!  One of my favorite places to shop is Macy’s *wink, wink*, so I am giving away a $50 Macy’s Gift Card!

Grainy pic, but you get the idea. LOL!

Now the rules are pretty simple.  Subscribe to my blog (right hand side of this page) and wish me a Happy Blog Anniversary in the comments section, leaving your first name and email address so I can confirm your subscription (1 entry).  You can get one (1) bonus entry by going to my Facebook page here and clicking the “Like” button and leaving a Happy Blog Anniversary comment on the page (you must subscribe to this blog for the bonus entry to qualify).  The contest deadline is 6 p.m. EST, October 31, 2011.  A winner will be announced on November 1, 2011 and notified by email. *Note-If the winner does not respond within 30 days after the contest ends, another winner will be selected*

Well! Isn’t this exciting? *shrug* It is to me. LOL!

In case you were wondering about the outfit I am wearing in the above picture (LOL!), here is another picture, along with the details.

Moto style jacket-Target (about 2 years ago), Black Tank-Banana Republic (It feels great!), Grey Chiffon Midi Skirt-ASOS Curve, Pumps-Jessica Simpson (about a year ago), Scarf (in pic above)-Dots

You guys are the best! God bless you and I will TTYL!


Hey Y’all, Hey!!! October 4, 2011

OMG!!!!  I have been a bad blogger! *spanks hand*  I am so sorry! I really am.  Life has just been…………….hectic and slightly unstable.  Not in a horrible way, per se, but in a……………”I got a lot to do, a little time to do in, little money to do it with and I just can’t seem to focus on blogging” kinda way.

I had the joy/stress/pressure of getting myself and my two children ready for a new school year, which was compounded by an employment issue.  I got layed off (is it laid or layed? Idk. *shrug*) from my job over the summer, but the Lord God being the most AWESOME God ever, gave me favor and I was called back to work in September.  So, I just had a little extra “vacation” time.  *wink, wink*

No complaints, because being on “vacation”, allowed me to do some things I don’t normally get a chance to do, like scratch my belly and belch while watching old Canadian drama series on Netflix, take mid-morning naps, bake cakes and pies that I will nibble on in the wee hours of the morning while watching Family Guy, see my son off to school after he turns down my half-hearted offer to get up and fix him a hot breakfast, and pad to the mailbox in my bra and panties (No one saw me. They were all at work. LOL!).

Time off also gave me time to do some reading, prioritizing, wishful thinking, advance planning, and window shopping.  On the fashion front, I am loving so many things for the fall and have been able to add some things to my wardrobe (especially since I got called back to work) this season.

I picked up these pumps recently.

Nine West

These pumps are so much cuter in person!  I have already worn them with all black to work, but I plan to wear them with some brighter colored pieces and some camel colored wide leg pants I just ordered from the Gap.

Wideleg Trousers-GAP Premium Pants Collection

I love the GAP Premium collection pants!  So, I try to order a pair every now and again.

I picked up these cutie patooties from Macy’s.

Steve Madden Wedge Booties @ Macy's

Super cute with jeans!

I also picked up some little goodies from ASOS, during some of their recent sales.  Check these out!

ASOS Bed Jacket

ASOS Purple Skinny Jeans

*sigh* I love ASOS! *looks off dreamily in the distance at other ASOS Curve items*

*deep breath* Ok, I’m back.  Outfit posts are coming.  I must get a better camera and a tripod! I will be looking for those items this weekend (Maybe I should have been a responsible consumer and purchased those items instead of more shoes and clothes? NAH!).

Also, I have a blog anniversary coming up and I will have a give-a-way.  So folks, I have missed you and I am going to try my darndest not to stay away for such a long period of time again!  Tell me what you think about my items I picked up for fall.  You got any faves for the fall season?  Drop a comment and I will TTYL!


LOOK MA, NO PANTS! December 3, 2010

ASOS Curve-Rich Velvet Shorts

You know, this summer, I was really intrigued by the romper.  I thought it was adorable, but I felt I was a little too long in the tooth for the look.  Now………..*sigh* I gotta be honest, I am feeling the shorts for winter in a very big way.

Some of the shorts and playsuits I am seeing just have a more sophisticated and mature look.  I mean, I would wear the velvet shorts above to work.  I am just drooling for the velvet shorts for the holiday.  I could wear them with fishnets and wedge booties.  I could wear them with a sequined tank, cardigan, black tights, and some oxfords.  Ooh, how about over the knee boots, tights, and a cute boyfriend blazer.  I could do these shorts up!

This is such an unexpected look for the winter and I am trying to figure out, how I can do this for the holiday. 

Anywhoo *big sigh*, a girl can dream. What do you think about the look?  How would you wear shorts in the winter (I just had a vision of corduroy rolled hem shorts, chunky turtleneck sweater, cable knit tights, and some of those shearling booties; retro flashback. May be too much)?

Dorothy Perkins-Cutie Leopard Playsuit

ASOS Curve-Exclusive Embellished Cross Front Playsuit

ASOS Curve-Stripe Roll Hem Shorts


Don’t Mess with My TuTu! November 30, 2010

This is a quick post.  I finally wore my ASOS Curve Asymetric Tutu skirt.  I so LOVE it and I wore it to work (at the retailer that shall not be named).  I rocked it with a black tank, faux leather moto jacket, moto style boots, and black tights.  I got so many compliments (and sales *sly grin*)! These pics are not the best, but I want to thank my daughter for taking them for me.  I WILL  be wearing the skirt again real soon and I will post better pictures.  Ta-ta!

Tutu skirt-ASOS Curve, Faux Leather Moto Jacket-Dots, Black Tank-Ross for Less, Etienne Aigner Moto Style Boots-DSW, Tights-Ashley Stewart