In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

Grey’s/Gray’s Anatomy March 29, 2011

  I am doing a twofer today.  I have pics of an outfit I wore on this past Sunday and the outfit I wore today.  I have just been lovin’ grey/gray (am I the only person who gets confused about which spelling of grey/gray to use? *shrug*)!  I have picked up so many grey/gray pieces lately, it’s ridiculous.  I am kinda leaning towards grey/gray and taupe/blush/nudes, as my colors for spring/summer (I’ve  got alot of backslashes in this post. What’s up with that? LOL!).

Anywhoo.  I recently purchased a super-cute, leather jacket from Roaman’s and I love it!  I wore it Sunday, just because.  Today, I wore more grey/gray.  I am on a shopping punishment for the month of March, but I could not pass up these Levi skinny jeans.  They are fab and I LOVE them.  They are fast, becoming my go-to jeans for the season. 

I love grey/gray!

I have many, many plans for them (picture royal blue suede pumps and a coral top. *sista girl look* I’m just sayin’.). 

 So here are my pics from Sunday and today.  Tell me what you think.  Are you feelin’ grey/gray, like I am?  Let me know.  TTYL!

Grey/Gray Leather Jacket-Roaman's, Rose Blouse-Ashley Stewart, Pencil Skirt-Ashley Stewart, Fishnets-Ashley Stewart, BCBG Peeptoe Pumps-Burlington Coat Factory

Levi's Skinny Jeans-Macy's, Waterfall Cardigan-Alloy, Merona Black Tank-Target, Wedge Booties-Nine West, Chandelier Earrings-ForLove21


Rerun! February 18, 2011

The perk of working at two schools is, I can wear an outfit twice in a week or twice in a two-week period.  I finally wore my velvet shorts and tweeted about wearing the outfit earlier this week.  I didn’t take pics the first go round, but I took pics today.  I really wanted to wear the shorts with some knee high boots, but I didn’t want to stunt on the staff and students, too hard! 

You have a very short window of opportunity to wear velvet, so i’m wearing the STANK out these shorts before the official start of spring.

Take a look at the pics and tell me what you think.  TTYL!

Cardigan-Style&Co @Macy's, tank top-Ashley Stewart, velvet shorts-ASOS Curve, pantyhose-Berkshire @Ashley Stewart, wedge booties-Nine West, Ring (you can't see it)-my girl Lovey.

This is the ring I rocked with the outfit. *ignore the mail on my couch*


Once you go Black………… November 18, 2010

*big sigh* I really thought I was looking cute when I wore this outfit the other day (*giggle* I did look cute), but looking at the photos below,  I had an epiphany.  I need to add some more color to my wardrobe.

Black is my favorite color and a requirement for my part-time retail job (at the retailer that must not be named).  I back off of it in summer months and wear all white.   However, my fall/winter wardrobe is 90% black.  In the next few weeks, I am going to make a concerted effort to add some color to my closet.  What’s your favorite color?

My all black, as usual. LOL! Jacket-Ralph Lauren, Pants-Gap Premium Collection, Turtleneck-Lane Bryant, Shoes-Nine West, Chandelier Earrings-ForLove21


I love these shoes!!!