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Jungaleer!!! March 19, 2012

Holding up the wall at Southeastern High School! GO JUNGALEERS!

Hey y’all, hey!! It’s Monday! YAY!!! Typically, I have very little idea of what I want to wear to work on a Monday, because typically I don’t want to go to work on Monday.  However, this weekend I was looking at some blogs and came across a recent post by GrownAndCurvyWoman here and I was inspired to wear my purple skinnies from ASOS Curve.

Coincidentally, I work at a high school where the school color is purple and the mascot is the Jungaleer (A reference to a lion or a jungle cat. *shrug* ).  So……..when I got to work this morning (cause I am not going to pretend like I planned this), I realized that I was representing with the animal print (Jungaleer) and the purple.  Hence, the title of this post, Jungaleer.

Anywhoo, I really liked how the animal print top looked with the purple.  I brought together two of the hottest trends (animal print and colored jeans).  I love all things animal print (got that from my Grandmother, Daisy) and to be honest, I don’t think animal prints ever really go out of style.  I also love the colored jean trend.  Colored jeans were very trendy when I was…………………..younger.  I know there is a rule that says, if you were around for the trend the first time, then you shouldn’t wear it the next time it is trendy (something like that) but I don’t care.  I really like the look and I already have a few pairs. What do you think about my look?  What is your favorite trend?




All That Glitters…………………. November 8, 2010

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One of the biggest fashion trends recently, is sequins;  glittering, shiny, sparkling sequins.  I for one, LOVE it!  Going hand in hand with fur and skins (real and faux), sequins have a way of making you feel glamorous.  I recently ordered some sequin tanks from Roamans and they shot me an email this weekend to let me know my order was on the way.  *side note-sequins are so popular this winter, that these inexpensive tanks were on backorder.*

I can not wait to twinkle in them, with pleather jeggings, my asymetric tutu skirt from ASOS, or with a nice leather skirt (oh, I got plans for these tops).  I am hoping to add some more sparkle to my wardrobe, but my biggest shopping rule is, IF IT IS TRENDY, BUY IT CHEAP!  So, I have been scouring sites like Faith21, Alloy, ASOS, and stores like Macy’s, Rainbow, DOTS, and Lane Bryant for inexspensive sequined pieces.

As I stated above, I got the two sequined tanks from Roamans for a low price, they amounted to about $25 with shipping.  I never pay full price for items that are not classic.  I can’t afford it.   I recommend everyone pick up a sequined piece for winter.  I guarantee you will feel like a fashionista.  Take a look at some of the examples below of how you can add a little sparkle and shine to your wardrobe and tell me what you think.

Black Glitter Wedges by NINA


Black Glitter Open Toes by NINE WEST

Purple Sequined Mini-ASOS Black Sequined Blazer-FREE PEOPLE

Black Sequined Shirt-CALVIN KLEIN

Sequined Tank Dresses-JUICY COUTURE

Red Sequined Shoulder Bag-COACH

See full size image

Robert Rose Bangle-MACY'S