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Black & White & Grey All Over February 17, 2012

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Grey Day

Hey y’all, hey!!! I am so feeling wearing white in the winter!!! I decided to wear my white jeans today and I gotta be honest, it was a risk.  It had snowed a few days ago and then most of the snow melted, leaving small patches of snow and large patches of mud.

I would not be deterred however, by all the mud and black slush.  Nor would I be deterred by the overcast and grey sky.  The idea of wearing my white jeans actually was an encouragement to go out and start the day, because the thought of going out on this cold, grey day was a little depressing.

Here are some pictures.  Tell me what you think.  Would you wear white in the winter?

I don't know why I like this picture so much!

Wishing I could go to my car and go to some place with sun!

*What I am wearing: Moto Style Jacket-Calvin Klein @Macy’s, White Skinny Jeans-Ashley Stewart (old), Turtleneck-INC @Macy’s, Circle Scarf-Ashley Stewart, Wedge Boots-Nine West (old), Handbag-Michael Kors @Macy’s


JIVE TURKEY! November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 11/24/11

Happy Holidays, everyone!! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wore a fave outfit to the family dinner.

I like to call this outfit, my Foxy Clown outfit (My brother always calls me Foxy Clown.  *sarcastically*I love him so.)  It has the 70″s vibe and I am a 70’s child.  When I wear this outfit (which has been quite often recently) I get alot of compliments and alot of “Cleopatra Jones” or “Freeze Sucka!” comments.

I’ve had the jeans for about 2 years and had only worn them once or twice until I got my new fave jacket and my new wool floppy hat.  The jeans are from one of my favorite online/catalog shopping sites, Alloy.   They carry a ton of cute jeans, in all color and style ranges and……………they offer extended sizes and lengths.  Most of the jeans I wear are from Alloy.

Floppy Hat-Macy's, Turtleneck-Lane Bryant (old), Jeans by Spoon-Alloy (old), Jacket-Calvin Klein @Macy's, Shoes (unseen)-Steve Madden @Macy's, Purse (seen above)-Coach

Ok folks, tell me what you think.  Would Pam Grier be proud?  LOL!

Happy Holidays and TTYL!


Whatcha doin’ Wednesday night? July 14, 2011

Hello, all!  Well, as promised I am doing another OOTD post with my fave white jeans.  I wore them to bible study yesterday, which is my typical Wednesday night activity. Now I don’t always look like this for bible study, but…………………..many times I do, because a) most of the time I am coming to church after being at work and b) sometimes I just wanna wear my stuff.  One of the reasons I blog, is to show the world that just because you are a born-again Christian,  doesn’t mean you are boring, plain, and/or dull; not all of us are stuck on wearing, “I’m too Blessed, to be Stressed” T-shirts and “Mom” jeans.

Anyways.  I paired the jeans with a new top, that I love.

Top-Charter Club @ Macy's, Jeans-Ashley Stewart, Pumps-Steve Madden @ Macy's

The detailing around the collar and the sheerness of the top, just spoke to me.

This isn't the best picture, but the collar has white beads and studs. Cute!

It said, “Buy me! Buy me with your credit card and 20%off coupon!”.  So, I did and here we are.

I plan to do a few more posts with the white jeans ( I so wish, I had picked up another pair when I had the chance).  I want to do a super casual look and another look inspired by a Dots blog post, but tell me what you think about this look.  Do ya’ like my top? Leave a comment and let me know.  TTYL!




*SIGH* March 14, 2011

Keepin a smile on my face. I try to never let em' see me sweat!


I am having one of those days, weeks, months.  I don’t know people. *smh* I just don’t know.  I started to title this OOTD post, Tsunami, but out of respect for the people of Japan and respect for the enormity of the tragedy in Japan, I backed off of that title.

I feel like my life right now is a disaster zone.  Nothing but debris and brokenness. 

What helps me to keep perspective, is the disaster in Japan.  While I may be going through some emotional hurts and other things right now, there are people across the world from me, who are in a real disaster zone. 

Anywhoo.  I took some pics today of my outfit.  This outfit made me feel better, cause I think I look cute.  Putting on makeup and a nice outfit always makes me feel great.  The top is one of those blousy tops, with lace inserts, that makes me think of Tijuana and arts and crafts stalls in small villages.  The jeans are what I have come to expect from Alloy; super cute and just the right length for heels.  My boots from BCBG Generation are clog style.  I have never been a big fan of clogs, but when I saw these boots at Macy’s, I had to have them.  I had planned to wear the boots exclusively with jeggings, but that was just short-sighted on my part.  They are comfy to walk in and perfect for boot cut jeans.

Well………this has not been the most cheery of posts, but I had to put it out there (and I wanted to show off my outfit).  i’m goin through y’all, so I need praying people to pray for me.  Non-praying people………………………just tell me I look cute. Compliments always make me feel better. *shrug*  I will talk to y’all later!

Top and Jeans-Alloy, Boots-BCBG Generation @Macy's


BCBG Clog Boots. Super cute and comfortable!


Saturday Night Special!!! February 26, 2011

Gray&Black Cardigan-DOTS, Black Tank-Ashley Stewart, Chinese Laundry Midnight Skinny-Alloy, Gray Pumps-Rainbow (summer 2010)

This is just a quick post. I wore some things today, that I acquired while on vacation.  Today was the African-American History Month event at my church and I had to emcee, act in some skits, and play stage hand. 

This is the outfit I wore tonight (I had a couple of costume changes for skits. *shrug*). Ignore my messy living room and tell me what you think?

I love the way this cardigan falls. It was the last one at DOTS.


DEO VOLENTE-SPRING FEVER!!! January 31, 2011

As I sit here, debating whether to run to the store in a panic to prepare for the *booming male announcer voice* WINTER BLIZZARD OF 2011, I get increasingly irritated and anxious because I am………SICK OF WINTER!  I am tired of dirty, slushy snow. I am tired of blistering, windy cold days! I am tired of grey, dark mornings that make me want to just get back under the covers. I have actually started to envy bears; they get to sleep through this mess and then come out in the spring  and create havoc at picnics! I want to be able to do that!  *big sigh* Alas, I am not a bear. I am big, yes. I am black, yes, but I am not a bear.  So………. I will dream of spring as I dread going to the store and picking through whats left on the shelves (people have been raiding the stores all weekend. The only thing probably left on shelves is pickled beets, hominy, and olives with pits.) 

I have, what is commonly referred to as,  spring fever.  I don’t typically experience this level of longing for sunny, snow free days (interspersed with grey, rainy days) until the first of March.  I guess I am just getting older. *shrug*   The slow, insidious creep of whites, corals, nautical stripes, and cotton trenches in stores, magazines, and catalogs, just fuels my desire for longer and brighter days.

So………I have been keeping an eye on the trend reports, leafing through the fashion mags, and dog-earring catalogs.  I love so much of what I see, but a few things have really stuck out for me and I am hoping (praying *wink, wink*) that I will be able to pick up a few of these items for the spring. 

The trend I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE the most, is the 70’s style trend.  I am a child of the 70’s and I have fond memories of the chic, easy, hip look of my mother and other women in that era.  I think I would look so good in this look, because some of the styles are so forgiving and so much more appropriate for women with some meat on their bones.

Ok, so here are pics of items I have on my Deo Volente (Latin for God Willing) list, that I feel I must have for spring to live out my 70’s, boho chic, Mary Tyler Moore, Diana Ross. Thelma from Good Times, fantasy.

Trouser Jeans-Alloy Very Ali McGraw or Mahogany.

Peachy Blouse-Dorothy Perkins "I'm going to break the glass ceiling and become the first woman junior v.p."

Jumpsuit-Anna Scholz for SimplyBe I love it! Visions of Disco's are dancing in my head. Hellloooo!

Kooba-I just love this bag and have been wanting a Kooba for so long! I would for sure carry it, when wearing flare or wide leg jeans and trousers.


Mule by Chinese Laundry-How "Three's Company" is it?


Rose Bunch Flute Sleeve Dress-ASOS Curve How cool and cute is this? If my head weren't so big, I could see me wearing a big floppy hat with this (seriously, its hard for me to buy hats)

*sigh*  These are really just a taste of things I want for Spring/Summer, but they are at the top of the list.  What are you feeling for spring?  Bold colors, prints, white (I have done all white, everyday, the past few summers), or stripes?
Well, I better get a move on.  Get as many pickled beets and olives with pits in the larder as I can, so my son and I won’t starve during the big,winter storm.  TTYL!

Sometimes……….. January 26, 2011

OOTD Charter Club Poet Blouse-Macy's, Levi's Drk Rinse Jeggings-Macy's, Unlisted OverTheKnee (Except on me. I have big calves) Boots-Macy's, Jessica Simpson Collection Ring-Macy's

Sometimes, I will wake up in the morning and have NO idea what I am going to wear to work because I am not that thrilled about going to work.  I just know, I need to have on clothes (unlike some of the parents who come up to the school.  Wearing p.j.’s anywhere but in the house or maybe to get the mail and take out the garbage is trife and I wish that trend would die a horrible death! My rant for the week.).  I need to  look like I put some time and effort into my morning ablutions. Today was one of those days.

Sometimes, I love certain items so much, that I will find any reason to wear them and MAKE myself believe that the item(s) will make a fine addition to the day’s outfit.  I wore two such items today; my boots and my ring.

Sometimes, even though I hated the idea of going to work when I awakened, I get to work and chit-chat (i.e. grouse and complain) with co-workers, give out hugs to the little ones, chastise one of the bigger ones, and linger for hours after work laughing about the events of the day.  That was my day, today.

To that end, this is what I wore today. The jean jeggings are easy and comfortable; the top is easy, comfortable, and……………colorful (you know I usually wear black); the boots are CUTE and comfortable.  Strangely, I didn’t wear earrings today, but I love the ring I wore.  The girls are just a couple of my fave little ones (*sista girl look* Favor ain’t fair! *shrug*).  Anywhoo,  I hope your day was great and I will TTYL!

Love these boots! I got them for $39.


I watched this blouse for weeks. I liked the style, but wasn't crazy about the material. It went down to such a ridiculous price I had to get it, in three different colors.



I love this ring! It's from the Jessica Simpson Collection at Macy's. (You know I just realized everything I had on today was from Macy's.)

Two of my favorite little students. Aren't they cute? They are both honor roll students, with 4.0 g.p.a.'s