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Jungaleer!!! March 19, 2012

Holding up the wall at Southeastern High School! GO JUNGALEERS!

Hey y’all, hey!! It’s Monday! YAY!!! Typically, I have very little idea of what I want to wear to work on a Monday, because typically I don’t want to go to work on Monday.  However, this weekend I was looking at some blogs and came across a recent post by GrownAndCurvyWoman here and I was inspired to wear my purple skinnies from ASOS Curve.

Coincidentally, I work at a high school where the school color is purple and the mascot is the Jungaleer (A reference to a lion or a jungle cat. *shrug* ).  So……..when I got to work this morning (cause I am not going to pretend like I planned this), I realized that I was representing with the animal print (Jungaleer) and the purple.  Hence, the title of this post, Jungaleer.

Anywhoo, I really liked how the animal print top looked with the purple.  I brought together two of the hottest trends (animal print and colored jeans).  I love all things animal print (got that from my Grandmother, Daisy) and to be honest, I don’t think animal prints ever really go out of style.  I also love the colored jean trend.  Colored jeans were very trendy when I was…………………..younger.  I know there is a rule that says, if you were around for the trend the first time, then you shouldn’t wear it the next time it is trendy (something like that) but I don’t care.  I really like the look and I already have a few pairs. What do you think about my look?  What is your favorite trend?




Peplums are back! Yay! March 2, 2012

Peplums!!! Yay!!!

Hi, y’all!! Got a quick OOTD post today.  I recently purchased a lilac peplum from ASOS Curve and I love it!!!  I think the peplum is really flattering for the fuller figure and when I remember as a teenager, the style was everywhere.  I got quite a few dresses in the style one summer and I thought I was Jackee from the show 227. It seemed like every outfit she wore had a peplum.  I really imagined wearing this top with dark rinse jeggings and some cute pumps, but I didn’t have the exact pumps I wanted so I wore my trusty wedge booties from Nine West.

OMG!  I think this top is so cute!  I hate that they were sold out of the animal print version, but if my wallet permits and they have the black one in my size, I will get that one too.

I got a chance to wear one of the items I picked up while on the thrift crawl with Fash Det in January.  This cuff is so cute to me.

My little cuff.

Do you like/wear the peplum style?  Tell me what you think about my look, folks.


STAYCATION HAUL! YAY!!!!! February 25, 2011


That is the sound of a woman who has enjoyed a whole week off from work.  I have needed this break since my last real break, in the summer of 2010.  No trip, but I did plenty of shopping. This was a good time to shop, because many sites were offering 50% off already reduced prices.  I took advantage of every deal, I could reasonably afford. 

I started with Ashley Stewart‘s 25%  sale last weekend.  I picked up one regular priced item and one clearance item.  Here is a pic of the cute khaki, moto style jacket I got from Ashley Stewart’s .

Ashley Stewarts Asymetrical Zip Blazer-Cute! Looks good on!

After Ashley Stewart, Roamans had the unmitigated gaul to send me a notice that they were giving me a % off and free shipping.  Here are some pics of what I got from Roamans site.

Roamans La Redoute Sculptered Dress-Didn't get the dress in gray, but in Fuschia. I haven't tried on yet, but I have high hopes! *grin*


Roamans Charcoal Blanket Sweater-Looking forward to wearing this with leggings/jeggings in the spring!


I then moved on to Bag, Borrow, and Steal. This is the sister site of Avelle.  Avelle rents designer handbags, but BBOS sells new and pre-owned designer bags.  Well, I get their emails and came across this Juicy Couture handbag for a nice price (I had a discount code, too. *cha-ching*)

Bag, Borrow, and Steal Juicy Couture China C Leather Handbag-It is not as purple as the photo and I am grateful. The patina on it is so retro and chic! I love it and started carrying it today.

I was not finished! Oh, no! I had to get some shoes. *sistah girl look*  I got some leopard print pumps from DOTS and these cute shoes from DSW Warehouse.

DSW Kelis Pump-How cute are these?!

Lastly, I hit one of my favorite sites, Alloy.  They had a great clearance sale and I missed out on some things by one day, but I did pick up some cute pieces. 

Alloy Giovanna Puff Sleeve Dress-Haven't decided if I will wear with belt or not.

Alloy Gabriella Dolman-Cute on and blousy. Can't wait to wear!


Alloy-Chinese Laundry Midnight Skinny Jean/Cute, but a little low rise and loose in the waist. I will need a belt.


Whew! Just writing about this stuff has tuckered me out.  I only have the weekend and then back to the saltmine.  Let me get off of this computer and into my bed with some ice water and a bag of Better Made chips. TTYL!


SIMPLY………. January 23, 2011

Coat-INC@Macy's, Blouse-Lauren Ralph Lauren, Pencil Skirt-Ashley Stewart, Purse-Juicy Couture, Pumps-Jessica Simpson, Stockings-Berkshire @Ashley Stewart, Jewelry-Combination of ForLove 21 and Juicy Couture

Today was my first day back at my church, since my return from Miami.  I wore something black, comfortable and I think……simply chic.  *side note* The latest edition of People StyleWatch says, pearls, pearls, and more pearls are so last season, but I beg to differ!

Here are my OOTD pics for Sunday, January 23, 2011.  You will notice some of the photos are cropped. My hair was on the ziggity boom, so……………you know how it is. LOL!  TTYL!

Chesty LaRue! LOL! LOL! LOL!



One of these days, I will learn how to pose.


OOTD: I’m a Princess! January 9, 2011

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A ballerina princess.......30 years later. LOL!

*giggle, giggle* I love this outfit so much, I wore it to work Friday, I wore it to church today, and I plan to wear it again, very soon.  *DON’T JUDGE ME!* 

So anyway, when I wore it to work on Friday, one of the school safety officers told me I look like a princess. I ran with it. *shrug*

This outfit is a compilation of my recent obsessions: Juicy Couture, Net Stockings (Fishnets, Diamond Nets, Industrial Net, all net stockings), and anything ASOS.

 When I really love an outfit or a piece, I will find a reason, any reason, to wear the STANK out of it!  Combine the gift of a Juicy Couture Charm Necklace and my love of this ASOS tutu, one of my favorite recent adds to my wardrobe, and you get an old lady walking around town thinking she is really cute.  *big,cheesy grin

What do you think of my Chanel-ly, princess look? 


Tutu-ASOS Curve, Turtleneck-INC@Macy's, Necklaces-ForLove21 and Juicy Couture, Bracelet-ForLove21, Ring-ForLove21, Diamond Net Stockings-Ashley Stewart, Ballerina Flats-stolen (I mean borrowed)from my daughter, Daisy


Not my fave pic, but *shrug*