In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

Come thru in the clutch!! February 23, 2012

I just love the clutch handbag!

I have always really loved the clutch style handbag.  It can be dainty and demure, sophisticated and glamorous, or hip and trendy.  My mother and grandmother carried clutch handbags and always liked how they just made a woman look mature and confident, like “I don’t care if this thing can just be snatched from under my arm!  It only contains a few singles and my lipstick, anyway!”
The clutch has returned to popularity in recent years and I have found myself accumulating quite a few.  Now, I don’t carry them often because I usually like to have a full arsenal of makeup and hair tools when I leave the house for work, church, shopping, or the post office.  You just don’t know who you might see, meet, or die in the arms of, so I like to be fully prepared.  I usually carry a clutch when I am going out; going out with friends, going out on a date, or going to a formal or semi-formal event.
At any rate, I have picked up a few new (or new to me) clutch handbags in recent weeks and I plan to incorporate them in some outfits in near future.  Two of the clutch handbags I picked up during the FashDet Thrift Store Crawl last month.
The peachy clutch, I would love to carry with some of the really pretty pastel items that are so hot for sping.  I imagine it with very light, mint green skinny jeans and the wispiest of cream, white, or light blue tops. *le sigh*  The black clutch I can carry with just about anything, anywhere, anytime.  The length of it just gives me a thrill, because it conjures up images of Joan Crawford.

Peach 80"s style clutch-Thrifted

Black suede like 40's style clutch-Thrifted I love that this clutch is xtra long!

Faux snake print clutch-Ashley Steward

The next two clutch handbags I caught on a humble.  I was running my little weekend errands and one of my stops was Ashley Stewart to pick up tights.  Well, they were all out of tights (apparently, they have stopped shipping them to the stores because spring is coming) but as I was walking out of the store, this red clutch caught my eye on a rack that said 50% off. I sashayed my Shonte’ up to the counter, to see if the half off price was $16 or was it half off of $16.  Beep, beep goes the scanner and I walk out of Ashley Stewart disappointed about the tights but happy over my $8 clutch.

Ain't God good?!!! I found it in blue!!!

Well, I continued to run errands and later in the day I had to go to a meeting at my church.  Now when I get to the church, no one has arrived yet so….still on a mission to get tights, I go to the Ashley Stewart near my church.  I walk in, tights display empty except for two pairs of 2x fishnets that looked like someone had taken a fork to them.  Lo and behold, though!!! What should I spy with my two brown eyes, a lone, blue faux snakeskin clutch like the one I had purchased earlier in the day.

So, I have managed to pick up four really nice (in my opinion) clutch purses for under $30 bucks.  I think I did good *pats self on back*.  I have decided to spend less on clothing, shop less, etc. and do more giving in 2012, and I feel like thrifting and purchasing item on deep, deep clearance will help me to do that.  *I was honest with God!  I won’t vow to stop shopping, but I will spend less, shop less, and buy more used stuff.*
Well, what do you think of my clutch handbags?  Do you carry clutch bags?  Let me know.
Conjuring up outfit ideas right now with my new handbags so I can……..come through in the clutch.  *I so clever! LOL*

I JUST LOVE A BARGAIN! August 5, 2011

Hi, y’all! *waving*  I’m visting my family in Knoxville, before heading to Atlanta.  This is sorta a vacation.  I am on my way to Atlanta for the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses.  The convention has a lot of activities and programs, so you can be as busy as you want to be for the week.

Now.  When ever I visit Knoxville, I love to hit certain stores, because the bargains are so fantastic.  One of my fave spots is Ross (we don’t have Ross in Detroit).  I got into Knoxville yesterday and the first thing my daughter and I wanted to do, was check out the Ross at the bottom of the hill.  I got a really pretty blue dress, that I wore today for our thrift shopping.  It was $9.99!  I had to get it.  I spent about $30 bucks; getting the dress, an animal print midi skirt by JonesNewYork, a black knit midi length skirt, and another support tank (I love to wear those under my clothes, for smoothing and shaping) What do you think about this dress?

This is not the greatest picture, but......*shrug* Dress-Ross, Wedge Sandals-Nine West, Handbag-See by Chloe

Even if I am only coming to town for a day or two (like this trip), I must stop at Marti & Liz.  They have some great shoe bargains! New, used, or whatever(any shoe I have purchased, has never been worn).  I have picked up many a great shoe at this spot, including the grey version of the wedge sandal I wore today.  In the same plaza as Marti & Liz, is the

Great consignment shop.


The Repeat Boutique is a consignment shop, that specializes in designer and name brand items.  I got a great piece there today.  It was so pretty, I had to buy it.  I am imagining it with a long, white slip of a dress or as part of a white pants ensemble.

I just think this is so pretty! Right now I am thinking, long white maxi but................we will see.

Any ideas on what I could wear this piece with?  Let me know.  Ok, well my Mom is calling me to the family room, to watch the dvr recorded episodes of Bold & the Beautiful (I can’t stand Steffy and I want to see what’s going to happen now that Katy has had a heart attack)  I will talk to y’all later! MUAH!


Sportin’ my sky! July 24, 2011

Good day, people!!!! You ever buy an item, that you LOVE, and you envision exactly how you want to wear it but you are missing some pieces?  Ok, that is what happened with the sky (hat for the uninitiated) I wore today.  *full disclosure* I have a HUGE head! I can rarely find a hat that will fit my head.  So………I visit one of my fave stores, ForLove 21, with my daughter and see this hat.  I mention to her, how much I love that style and with no expectation that it will fit, try the hat on.  OMGoodness, the durn thing fit!!!!! My daughter is surprised.  I am……………………stunned and I look at the price tag. $10.50?!  Oh, ahn, ahn! I run to the register *dancing an imaginary jig in my head* and pay for my hat!

I bragged for days, to anyone that would listen, about my new hat.  I had this vision of myself in the hat,with an off the shoulder, peasant style, dress on and cute, black sandals; jingling, gypsy bangles and my Versace sunglasses.  Oh, Oprah! I was going to turn……………………………whatever place, out!

*sigh* Alas, I never did find an inexpensive version of the dress and the hat languished on the top of my dresser for months.  I can’t be the only person that does this; buy an item with visions of the perfect outfit and you let the item just collect dust while waiting on the “perfect” pieces to match it with.   Ok, maybe I am the only weirdo (nee dum-dum) that does that.

Well anywhoo, a couple of days ago I pulled that hat out and wore it with an old, black maxi skirt.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I didn’t take pics of that outfit because……………….well I just wasn’t feelin’ it.  Today, however, I wore my hat again!

Hat-ForLove21, Dress-INC @ Macy's, My old standby wedge sandals-Nine West (last year), Handbag-Coach

I just wanted to wear it!   I just love the way I feel when I wear it.  Sexy, diva-ish, classy, mysterious, just fabulous.

I wore this to church today and well…………….*in my JJ from GoodTimes voice* you know, what can I say! Here’s a pic with my face showing, but typically you can’t see my face in this hat (I LOVE THAT!!!).

There's my face. No makeup today, folks! Too hot!

What do you guys think?  How cute is this dress (I got it on sale at Macy’s about a week ago)?  Leave comments folks and I will ttyl!


BACK TO BASICS! May 11, 2011

Monday, I was having one of those mornings that you sometimes have.  *so now you know this isn’t a OOTD, but more like an OOTOD-Outfit of the Other Day* I didn’t know what to wear to work, but I know I wanted to look good to lift my spirits (you know, the Monday Moanin’ Blues).  I winded up throwing on my go to color and last summers go to pants.  I felt so cute all day!  I had to kinda stay out of the limelight, because the tank I wore was a little boobalicious.   When I had to come out of my office, I made sure to keep my jacket closed out of respect for the raging hormones of middle school boys (and middle aged men).

Tuxedo style Blazer-Roaman's, Tank-Macy's, Harem Pants-ASOS Curve, Wedge Sandals-Nine West @ Macy's, Rhinestone Ring-ForLove21 (if you can see it. LOL!)


I just felt so good in this outfit and what better way to start the work week off, than feeling confident and uber-attractive *wink*.  Tell me what you think, y’all.

Coach Sabrina Bag-Macy's


Me love color long time! April 15, 2011

Hey y’all! It has been so long since I did a post!  I am excited about spring/summer and have just been enjoying the warmer temps.  Anywhoo, I have mentioned in previous posts, that I want to add more color to my wardrobe.  I tend to stick to black and black is my favcrite color, but I was really intrigued by the pops of color I was seeing all over the place.  I decided to pick up colorful pieces, where I could, and try out a different look.

Coral Top-Dots, Grey Jeggings-Levi's@Macy's, Blue Suede Pumps-Steve Madden@Macy's

Now the outfit above, is one I wore to work on yesterday.   

The shoes got a little dusty when I walked thru the staff parking lot, but they are still super cute and I got a lot of compliments on them.

I got the shoes about a month ago, while shopping with a friend at Macy’s.  I saw them on another young lady in the shoe dept. and begged her to buy those shoes for herself, because they were gorgeous on her.  I thought about it and said to myself, “Step out of the box and see if they have the shoes in your size!”  You see the result.  The coral top, similar story. Standing in line at Dots, the woman in front of me had the top in her hand and I asked her if it was plus size (she was kind of in-between. She could go XL or 1X *shrug*).  She said, “Yes” and pointed me to the back of the store where they were hanging.  I grabbed my cute wedges I was picking up (the one and only 11 in the store) and hustled to the back to find my size.  The rest is history.

So……….this is my attempt at A) adding color to my life and B) doing a color block thing.  I have to say, I am really loving wearing color,  doing some new things with my wardrobe, and stepping outside of my black box.  Tell me what you think, people.


STAYCATION HAUL! YAY!!!!! February 25, 2011


That is the sound of a woman who has enjoyed a whole week off from work.  I have needed this break since my last real break, in the summer of 2010.  No trip, but I did plenty of shopping. This was a good time to shop, because many sites were offering 50% off already reduced prices.  I took advantage of every deal, I could reasonably afford. 

I started with Ashley Stewart‘s 25%  sale last weekend.  I picked up one regular priced item and one clearance item.  Here is a pic of the cute khaki, moto style jacket I got from Ashley Stewart’s .

Ashley Stewarts Asymetrical Zip Blazer-Cute! Looks good on!

After Ashley Stewart, Roamans had the unmitigated gaul to send me a notice that they were giving me a % off and free shipping.  Here are some pics of what I got from Roamans site.

Roamans La Redoute Sculptered Dress-Didn't get the dress in gray, but in Fuschia. I haven't tried on yet, but I have high hopes! *grin*


Roamans Charcoal Blanket Sweater-Looking forward to wearing this with leggings/jeggings in the spring!


I then moved on to Bag, Borrow, and Steal. This is the sister site of Avelle.  Avelle rents designer handbags, but BBOS sells new and pre-owned designer bags.  Well, I get their emails and came across this Juicy Couture handbag for a nice price (I had a discount code, too. *cha-ching*)

Bag, Borrow, and Steal Juicy Couture China C Leather Handbag-It is not as purple as the photo and I am grateful. The patina on it is so retro and chic! I love it and started carrying it today.

I was not finished! Oh, no! I had to get some shoes. *sistah girl look*  I got some leopard print pumps from DOTS and these cute shoes from DSW Warehouse.

DSW Kelis Pump-How cute are these?!

Lastly, I hit one of my favorite sites, Alloy.  They had a great clearance sale and I missed out on some things by one day, but I did pick up some cute pieces. 

Alloy Giovanna Puff Sleeve Dress-Haven't decided if I will wear with belt or not.

Alloy Gabriella Dolman-Cute on and blousy. Can't wait to wear!


Alloy-Chinese Laundry Midnight Skinny Jean/Cute, but a little low rise and loose in the waist. I will need a belt.


Whew! Just writing about this stuff has tuckered me out.  I only have the weekend and then back to the saltmine.  Let me get off of this computer and into my bed with some ice water and a bag of Better Made chips. TTYL!


Rerun! February 18, 2011

The perk of working at two schools is, I can wear an outfit twice in a week or twice in a two-week period.  I finally wore my velvet shorts and tweeted about wearing the outfit earlier this week.  I didn’t take pics the first go round, but I took pics today.  I really wanted to wear the shorts with some knee high boots, but I didn’t want to stunt on the staff and students, too hard! 

You have a very short window of opportunity to wear velvet, so i’m wearing the STANK out these shorts before the official start of spring.

Take a look at the pics and tell me what you think.  TTYL!

Cardigan-Style&Co @Macy's, tank top-Ashley Stewart, velvet shorts-ASOS Curve, pantyhose-Berkshire @Ashley Stewart, wedge booties-Nine West, Ring (you can't see it)-my girl Lovey.

This is the ring I rocked with the outfit. *ignore the mail on my couch*