In the beginning, God created………..FASHION!

Peplums are back! Yay! March 2, 2012

Peplums!!! Yay!!!

Hi, y’all!! Got a quick OOTD post today.  I recently purchased a lilac peplum from ASOS Curve and I love it!!!  I think the peplum is really flattering for the fuller figure and when I remember as a teenager, the style was everywhere.  I got quite a few dresses in the style one summer and I thought I was Jackee from the show 227. It seemed like every outfit she wore had a peplum.  I really imagined wearing this top with dark rinse jeggings and some cute pumps, but I didn’t have the exact pumps I wanted so I wore my trusty wedge booties from Nine West.

OMG!  I think this top is so cute!  I hate that they were sold out of the animal print version, but if my wallet permits and they have the black one in my size, I will get that one too.

I got a chance to wear one of the items I picked up while on the thrift crawl with Fash Det in January.  This cuff is so cute to me.

My little cuff.

Do you like/wear the peplum style?  Tell me what you think about my look, folks.


Come thru in the clutch!! February 23, 2012

I just love the clutch handbag!

I have always really loved the clutch style handbag.  It can be dainty and demure, sophisticated and glamorous, or hip and trendy.  My mother and grandmother carried clutch handbags and always liked how they just made a woman look mature and confident, like “I don’t care if this thing can just be snatched from under my arm!  It only contains a few singles and my lipstick, anyway!”
The clutch has returned to popularity in recent years and I have found myself accumulating quite a few.  Now, I don’t carry them often because I usually like to have a full arsenal of makeup and hair tools when I leave the house for work, church, shopping, or the post office.  You just don’t know who you might see, meet, or die in the arms of, so I like to be fully prepared.  I usually carry a clutch when I am going out; going out with friends, going out on a date, or going to a formal or semi-formal event.
At any rate, I have picked up a few new (or new to me) clutch handbags in recent weeks and I plan to incorporate them in some outfits in near future.  Two of the clutch handbags I picked up during the FashDet Thrift Store Crawl last month.
The peachy clutch, I would love to carry with some of the really pretty pastel items that are so hot for sping.  I imagine it with very light, mint green skinny jeans and the wispiest of cream, white, or light blue tops. *le sigh*  The black clutch I can carry with just about anything, anywhere, anytime.  The length of it just gives me a thrill, because it conjures up images of Joan Crawford.

Peach 80"s style clutch-Thrifted

Black suede like 40's style clutch-Thrifted I love that this clutch is xtra long!

Faux snake print clutch-Ashley Steward

The next two clutch handbags I caught on a humble.  I was running my little weekend errands and one of my stops was Ashley Stewart to pick up tights.  Well, they were all out of tights (apparently, they have stopped shipping them to the stores because spring is coming) but as I was walking out of the store, this red clutch caught my eye on a rack that said 50% off. I sashayed my Shonte’ up to the counter, to see if the half off price was $16 or was it half off of $16.  Beep, beep goes the scanner and I walk out of Ashley Stewart disappointed about the tights but happy over my $8 clutch.

Ain't God good?!!! I found it in blue!!!

Well, I continued to run errands and later in the day I had to go to a meeting at my church.  Now when I get to the church, no one has arrived yet so….still on a mission to get tights, I go to the Ashley Stewart near my church.  I walk in, tights display empty except for two pairs of 2x fishnets that looked like someone had taken a fork to them.  Lo and behold, though!!! What should I spy with my two brown eyes, a lone, blue faux snakeskin clutch like the one I had purchased earlier in the day.

So, I have managed to pick up four really nice (in my opinion) clutch purses for under $30 bucks.  I think I did good *pats self on back*.  I have decided to spend less on clothing, shop less, etc. and do more giving in 2012, and I feel like thrifting and purchasing item on deep, deep clearance will help me to do that.  *I was honest with God!  I won’t vow to stop shopping, but I will spend less, shop less, and buy more used stuff.*
Well, what do you think of my clutch handbags?  Do you carry clutch bags?  Let me know.
Conjuring up outfit ideas right now with my new handbags so I can……..come through in the clutch.  *I so clever! LOL*

It Takes So Little To Make Me Happy! July 30, 2011

This is just a quickie, but I had to blog about my day today.  I was not feeling well earlier and was just………………….very blah.  I was physically in pain and emotionally just out of it.  I had so many plans for the day; things I wanted to do and things I had to do, but I was just not feelin’ it.  Anywhoo, my phone gives me this little ping and I check it.  I have some new tweets and a DM.  So, I check the DM and……………………….OMG!  It is a message from Girl With Curves!  I won a contest on her blog and my prize was a dress from BeBop Clothing!

I instantly went from doldroms and discomfort to this!  

I was able to get out of the bed, put on some clothes, and make my way to rehearsal! It takes so little to make me happy (I have tried to get men I date to grasp this concept, but to no avail).  Gifts, money, compliments, free things, more compliments, more money, and loads of attention are an instant pick me up!

Of course I will post with the prize winning dress.  I can’t wait to get it.

*Deep Breath* Ok, so this wasn’t really an OOTD, but what do you think of my thrifted t-shirt?  Stripes are one of the top trends and when I bought this tee, I bought two other striped items.  Leave comments, please and I will ttyl! *skips off grinning*



Sunday Ramblings (Seriously! I am just rambling. LOL!) July 3, 2011

*rant*I love everything about summer except the heat!  I just got in from church and the blazing heat from door to car, car to door, makes you want to run back to the altar in case you missed something! I cannot go to hell!  Ok, now that I got that out…………..I have learned to enjoy this season.  The past few summers, I have not worked summer school, so I have had time to relax and enjoy the simple things in life (vis a vie, lay around the house and do free/cheap stuff, cuz I ain’t gots no money!) and that makes me really enjoy summer even more.  I get to spend time with the kiddos, go to the $1 show, have picnics; just enjoy myself (now if my soaps Guiding Light and As the World Turns were still on, I would be in hog heaven).

Anywhoo, I just got back (Tuesday) from my cruise to the Bahamas, via Miami, and I had an awesome time (pics later).  I missed my church family, so I couldn’t wait to see everyone today.  I enjoy service all the more because I don’t have to get home and get stuff ready for the work week (I will work my retail job tomorrow, but that is later in the day and I can zone out on that job for a few hours).

It is the first Sunday and traditionally, in a lot of churches, you wear all white.  I wore my white today and it felt so easy and breezy in the heat.

Cardigan-Style&Co @Macy's, tank-Dot's, Maxi Skirt-Style&Co @Macy's, Clutch-Thrifted, Thong Sandals-Anne Klein @Macy's

I have been looking for a nice white clutch for awhile, but I haven’t found one that was just right (kickin’ myself for not getting a  Jessica Simpson white clutch I saw, a few years ago).  I decided to carry a natural colored, woven clutch instead and I think it looks ok.  I like it because it is just the right size (I try not to carry small purses) and it has the wristlet thingy.

Clutch w/the wristlet thingy, handle, whatever. *my fave ring from ForLove21*

Sidebar, I got about 2 or 3 shades darker in the Bahamas, but my MAC Mineralized pressed powder……………………..WHOO! That stuff is great!  You may not be able to tell from the pics, but it just gives you a glow.  I top it off with MAC Ambering Rose blush and I am good to go.  Ok.  Well, I am off to my sister’s marriage celebration bbq. I will talk to y’all later. Leave comments! I love to hear from folks. Bye!

On my way to church. God is so AWESOME to me, that I have to give him some of my time!